Saving Thanksgiving

I’ve noted something recently about Thanksgiving in particular and American gratitude in general. Our gratitude is generally accompanied by a spirit of resignation or complacency. I read posts and hear comments all the time to this effect: “Sure, America is going down the toilet, but it’s still the greatest country on earth. We still have all these freedoms left, so I really can’t complain.” That’s kind of like saying, “Hey, I blew half of my savings on Black Friday, but I don’t want Read more […]

Boycott Brown Thursday

Brown Thursday is what the marketers and bottom-liners are calling it. But Americans in former generations had traditionally called the fourth Thursday of November Thanksgiving. Apparently businesses just aren’t making enough money from the crush of customers on Black Friday. Now we need Brown Thursday to pick up the slack. Don’t stay at home and enjoy some time in gratitude with your family. No. Rather than a day of over-eating, why not a day of over-spending? Let’s just completely shroud Read more […]