Boko Haram Aligning Forces with ISIS

Earlier this year a terrorist group of Islamic extremists gained world notoriety when they kidnapped nearly 300 Christian girls in northern Nigeria. Most the girls are still not accounted for, but reports claimed that they were being forced to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim man or face severe torture and death. Over the past several years, Boko Haram has been systematically carrying out genocidal attacks against Nigeria’s Christians in the northern part of the country. Hundreds, probably Read more […]

U.S. Paying Egypt to Destroy Israel and America

Prior to the Arab Spring that resulted in the so-called liberation of Arab countries like Egypt and Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood was known as an extremely radical organization with direct ties to terrorists.  Are you aware that the official motto of the Muslim Brotherhood is: “Allah is our objective/The Prophet is our leader/The Quran is our law/Jihad is our way/Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” Now that they are in control of Egypt and President Barack HUSSEIN Obama wants to Read more […]

Playing “Freeze Tag” is Another TSA Safety Protocol

There’s this fairly new TSA “security” procedure where TSA agents instruct those that have already gone through security to “freeze.” It’s actually not that new, but it’s taken the TSA forever to acknowledge that it’s part of their security measures. After travelers have taken their shoes off, put their belongings on the conveyer belt, had their liquids tested for “terrorism,” subjected themselves to the naked X-ray body scanners or the prodding of Agent “Soft Hands,” they Read more […]