Ted Cruz Kicks Liberals to the Curb with ‘Apology’ for his ‘New York Values’ Comment

During Thursday night’s Republican debate, there was a contentious exchange between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, in which Cruz accused Trump of holding “New York values.” Bristling at such an accurate accusation, Trump used 9/11 as a shield. Trump’s acolytes applauded, and Twitter erupted with 9/11 dedication memes–because we all know Ted Cruz hates the victims and heroes who died on 9/11. Trump’s shamefully obvious dodge was apparent to some–people with brain matter. But the world is cruel, and Read more […]

Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty Endorses… Ted Cruz for President!

  Pop culture icon and patriarch of the Robertson family from TV’s Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson has just announced who he’s supporting for the next Commander-in-Chief, and it’s sure to stir up some conversation and debate. On Wednesday, the Ted Cruz campaign announced that Phil Robertson had decided to endorse Cruz for President. From the Cruz Campaign: “My qualifications for President of the United States are rather narrow: Is he or she Godly, does he or she love us, can Read more […]

Alleged Conservatives with IQs Praise Trump’s Nauseating 9/11 Non-Answer; Say it Damaged Ted Cruz

There were a lot of punches and jabs during the Republican debate Thursday: Rubio hit Cruz with an avalanche of BS accusations in a single statement, knowing full well Cruz could never respond to even one of them in the time allotted, and Trump and Cruz duked it out over citizenship. But there was one moment that made me sick to my stomach. Not because of content, per se, but because of the reaction and applause it garnered from the audience and pundits. Moderator Maria Bartiromo asked Cruz about Read more […]

Ted Cruz is Eligible for the Presidency, Part 2

In part one, I wrote about the legal case for Ted Cruz’s “natural born” status. I’m not an attorney, but as constitutional scholars are duking it out, the people I trust–as well as some I don’t even know–continue to come down on Cruz’s side, like former Solicitors General Neal Katyal and Paul Clement, Mark Levin, and Judge Andrew Napolitano. I echoed their arguments, and I noted U.S. law, which appears quite clear. I think the left, as well as those who are trying to take a hatchet to Cruz–Trump, Read more […]

Ted Cruz is Eligible for the Presidency, Part 1

How can you tell when a candidate has Washington–as well as his opponents–wholly terrified? When it’s only January, and a candidate is as bloody as Ted Cruz. It’s a 10-on-1 prison yard fight out there, and everyone’s out to get their shiv in. This isn’t only coming from the left either. In fact, the primary thrust of the blade is coming from the Republicans. Donald Trump spearheaded the Cruz Birther movement, and others have since piled on. John McCain said it should be looked into, attorneys Read more […]

Cruz: As President, I Won’t End Obamacare

This is just one of many differences between Cruz and Obama. What’s Obama’s way of handling things? If Congress won’t do what he wants, he issues executive orders. What’s the point of having a Constitution that delegates powers across three branches of government if the President is keen on acting as a dictator? The President stated that his gun control executive orders are “entirely consistent with the Second Amendment.” But the President can’t make laws. Remember, that’s supposed Read more […]

Cruz Takes Trap-Question About Deportation, and Blows it Out of the Water

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.” – William Shakespeare We’ve developed into a society in which honesty is the most hated value. Honesty often acts as a knife, paring away deception that’s been carefully layered over the truth. That can be tremendously painful, and as a result, we’ve essentially let go of honesty, and replaced it with lies. We are masterful liars. We lie because it benefits us personally, or it makes the people to whom we’re lying feel better. In the end, however, a lie is damaging Read more […]

Ted Cruz Sits Down for an Interview with Dr. James Dobson

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been on a barnstorming tour around the state of Iowa, and on Monday night he sat down in Winterset, Iowa with Dr. James Dobson to discuss his presidential aspirations and his hope for the coming campaign. Dr. Dobson has joined a large group of conservative Christian leaders who are offering their full-throated support to make sure that Ted Cruz is elected the next President of the United States. Dr. James Dobson interviews U.S. Senator Ted Read more […]

Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw Pens Ludicrous Piece Slamming Cruz for Supporting the Free Market

I feel like the Ted Cruz police. Over the last month or so, a pattern has begun to form. Ted Cruz will say or do something, and Republicans will flip out, alleging that it’s not in line with what he said or did (insert number of months or years) ago. The problem often stems from a deliberate refusal to understand what has occurred. Sometimes, this refusal is based in a simple bias against Cruz, but other times, it’s simply rooted in ignorance. Jazz Shaw, a writer for Hot Air, a website I read Read more […]

Ted Cruz Explains that “The Constitution wasn’t a First Draft”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been getting hit from all sides in recent days, particularly from other Republicans who seem quite worried about the possibility of a Ted Cruz presidency. With that in mind, Senator Cruz’s campaign has released a new ad, reminding us all that the Constitution wasn’t “a first draft,” and that the way back to American exceptionalism is through conservative American principles. Barack Obama sticks by his principles. It’s time for Republicans to stand by ours. Read more […]

Desperate Rand Paul Supporters Attack Cruz for Saying the Same Thing Paul Said About the Oregon Standoff

Usually, when a candidate rises, and the claws come out, those claws tend to be somewhat sharp. As Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz continues to rise in the polls, the attacks coming from other Republican candidates have been shamefully weak. The claws have come out, but I think somebody forgot to sharpen them. Allow me to preface this by admitting my own bias toward Ted Cruz. I believe that Cruz is the candidate best suited to win the nomination, and defeat Hillary Clinton come November. Read more […]

Fiorina and Paul Join the Cruz-Bashing Bandwagon with Pathetic Attacks

The way we behave when we fall reveals our grace. The way we behave when we see another take our place at the top reveals our character. As the Iowa primary inches closer, and the pressure to deliver builds, the facade of each candidate is being peeled back. We’ve moved into the phase of the primary season when the attacks get sharper, and unfortunately, more dishonest. The “us against them” solidarity we saw at the beginning of the season has given way to a bitter fight for survival as money Read more […]