Google, Thamus, And How Smart We Think We Are

A new study indicates that having access to an unlimited amount of information on Google has had a two-fold effect. First, we don’t remember as much as we once needed to. Yet, second, we think we’re more knowledgeable than we actually are or ever were: Browsing the internet for information gives people a “widely inaccurate” view of their own intelligence and could lead to over-confidence when making decisions, experts warn. In a series of experiments, participants who had searched for Read more […]

Is Facebook Making You Stupid?

A new study analyzing groupthink has raised the interesting possibility that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are destroying people’s capacity to think analytically. This is distinct from similar studies that claim that Google, and the internet at large, have destroyed people’s ability to recall information. In case you were wondering, the study worked like this: Dr. Iyad Rahwan asked a group of twenty people a trick question over and over again. The first few times he asked the Read more […]