Facebook’s Plans to Encourage Censorship

The pretense or reporting “false content” will allow ideological censorship. “Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too.” – Voltaire Americans have a unique set of rights, the first of which acts as the foundation for those that follow. This foundational right, secured by blood, and transcribed with ink, allows us to speak freely, without fear of reproach from the government. However, censorship doesn’t always come from the government; it often comes from within our Read more […]

Two Guys Steal $5,000 in Cash, Post Brag Video on Internet

They put their money where their mouth was…quite literally, actually, in a brag video. Except that it wasn’t their money. They had stolen five grand in cash from a Houston, Texas resident Randy Shaeffer’s truck. They also had taken a laptop, an iPad and some other items. I’m sure the owner is regretting leaving all his valuables in his truck. But that doesn’t excuse the theft. Not long after they swiped the man’s money and electronic devices, they went to a Burger King and took 17 Read more […]

App to Help People Avoid Crime-Ridden Areas is Racist

SketchFactor is an app developed by D.C. natives Allison McGuire and Daniel Herrington that’s set to go live this Friday. It’ll help users identify “sketchy” neighborhoods so that they can avoid them. The app will use publicly available data and crowdsourcing to give users updated information on crime in certain areas. Obviously, when you’re talking about crime and “sketchy” neighborhoods, that automatically means you’re talking about black neighborhoods. And, what do you know, Read more […]

Supreme Court Rules that Warrantless Police Cellphone Searches are Illegal

It seems kind of silly that we need a Supreme Court ruling to tell us that something’s illegal that’s already illegal. Any kind of warrantless search or seizure is illegal. It’s a violation of the 4th Amendment. If police want to search your car, they’d better have a search warrant, which presupposes probable cause. If they want to search you, your house, or your cellphone, the same rule applies. It’s really quite simple. But the reason there’s a fight about what kinds of searches Read more […]

“Smart Grid” Technology: Rationing Energy To Fight “Climate Change”

Thanks to our government’s penchant for regulation and control, power companies have to change the way they operate. And that means two things for customers: rising prices and poorer quality service. The former was even acknowledged by the President. This is always what happens when government gets involved in the marketplace. It’s what’s been happening to healthcare, and it’s happening with the energy industry. And the excuse is always the same. It’s always some variation on the “greater Read more […]

The FBI Can Activate Your Webcam Without Your Knowing About It

Not too many years ago, a person who put a piece of black electrical tape over his laptop camera lens would be associated with tinfoil hat-wearers. Those who wear aluminum hats might claim they’re trying to block mind control or experimentation efforts by the government or some other nefarious group. Only a tinfoil hat-wearer conspiracy nutjob would put electrical tape over his webcam lens. What is he afraid of? That “The Government” is trying to spy on him? Only a delusional, paranoid schizophrenic, Read more […]

U.S. Government Caught Using Pirated Software

Our government has been cracking down on intellectual property infringements. In a report published by the 2013 Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement, run by the Vice President, it stated the administration’s commitment to enforce intellectual property laws: Infringement of intellectual property rights continues to harm U.S. businesses and unjustly usurps or undermines American innovation. More work must be done to ensure that counterfeits are eliminated from the government Read more […]

White House Official: Obamacare Website Disaster Is Republicans’ Fault

They’ll tell you that the apocalyptic government shutdown that we barely survived which nearly ended the world was all the Republicans’ fault. In particular the tea party’s fault, and in particular, Ted Cruz’s fault. If a Democrat is occupying the White House, everything bad that happens is the GOP’s fault. Everything good that happens is because of Obama and the Democrats trying to fix what the Republicans messed up. And this is why they’re now, believe it or not, blaming the Republicans Read more […]

Obama using NSA and FBI to Spy on You

Senator Obama was once appalled at what he thought was the outrageous overreach of the Bush administration on the individual liberties of the American people. Today, as President, he has embraced those same policies as his own – and is using his power to spy on you. These policies may have a greater impact than you could have ever conceived. The government knows every single phone call you’ve made since 2006. Wait, there’s more. The government has access to all of your online activity too! Read more […]

Treasury Department May Grant Chinese Businessmen Espionage Waiver

The Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) headed by departing U.S. Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, is currently reviewing the sale of a U.S. technology corporation, A123 Systems, to a Chinese multi-millionaire with historical loyalties to the Chinese Communist Party. If the sale is approved, Wanxiang Group stewarded by Lu Guanqiu, reportedly the third richest man in the National People’s Congress, will take control of A123 Systems and all of its sensitive U.S. defense and utility grid contracts. Read more […]