School Choice Programs Survive Despite Challenges from Teachers’ Unions

Have you ever heard of an education savings account? Arizona enacted a law to establish this helpful program and now other states are starting to follow their example. So what is the account? According to the Friedman Foundation: “Under Arizona’s plan, designed by the Goldwater Institute in 2005 and enacted in 2011, the state awards eligible families 90 percent of their children’s per student public funding, based on a state formula. The Arizona Department of Education deposits the money in Read more […]

More School Teachers Carrying Concealed Weapons to School

Did you know that in the 10 years Utah has had laws permissive of teachers carrying concealed guns on school campuses, there hasn’t been even one fatal K–12 school shooting in the whole state? Apparently, even a resident can carry his gun on school premises, provided that they have a permit. But I thought guns were the problem. I thought adding even more guns into the mix means increasing fatal school shootings, not rendering them obsolete. Maybe it’s not the guns that are the problem. Read more […]

Texas School District Arms Teachers

Liberals think this is a disaster waiting to happen. If there were a scenario where some legal druggie came in a school allowing himself to be controlled by one of the unfortunate side effects of whatever drug he’s on, and he ended up gunning down a score of kids and teachers, leaving a mess for the police to deal with, liberals would rather that happen than run the risk of having an armed teacher take out the killer. On campuses inside the Argyle Independent School District in Argyle, Texas, Read more […]

Why Teachers Suck

Public school is a place where too-busy or too-uncaring parents send their kids so they can learn how to someday catch a venereal disease. I suppose that’s a bit insensitive of me, ignoring the other goals of public school: the undermining of parental authority, the disregard of traditional family values, disrespect of Christianity, etc. But truly one of the results of public schooling is that more people will get AIDS one day. “Your prospective sexual partner has HIV? Here, wear a condom! Read more […]

Why Aren’t Teachers Fired?

Imagine a business which produces products that are necessary to our everyday lives. Perhaps a company that grows food, or makes antibiotics. Maybe this company has been around for a very long time, and it has a monopoly on the market. Imagine you’ve just had a very serious surgery, and the antibiotics you take are the only thing keeping you from infection. Now, imagine that these antibiotics are failing you. They aren’t working properly. Who, or what would you blame for the failure of the medicine? Any Read more […]

Holder Warns Teachers against Disciplining Blacks & other Minorities

A number of parents and others have been concerned about the zero tolerance rules in many schools.  Rigid zero tolerance policies have resulted in numerous suspensions for totally innocent things that should never have been punished.  Ludicrous examples include: Suspension of 6th grader for telling his friends on the school that he wished he had a gun to protect the students from harm. Suspension of two 7 year olds for playing with their pencils, pretending they were guns and shooting at Read more […]

Pennsylvania Considers Arming Teachers

There’s a bill being considered in the Pennsylvania state legislature that would allow teachers and staff to carry guns on campus: A year ago, top lawmakers and the Corbett administration said they didn’t want to talk about arming teachers in a bid to deter gun violence in schools, but that’s exactly the debate state Sen. Don White (R-Indiana) wants to have. White’s proposal would let school boards decide whether their school employees can carry firearms. He said the idea came from teachers Read more […]

L.A. Teachers Have To Wear “Pro-Gay” Badges

Tolerance isn’t good enough for liberals anymore. Maybe it never was. If all you are is tolerant towards those whose lifestyles you find repulsive, that’s the same as being an outspoken bigot. In order for the liberals to be satisfied, you have to openly accept everyone else’s behavior that you may find objectionable. You have to, quite literally, wear it on your sleeve that you are one of their “allies.” This is what a Los Angeles school district is telling their teachers to do. Read more […]

Arkansas School District Begins Training And Arming Teachers

There are states that allow their school districts to approve arming teachers, but most have been reluctant to do so. In fact, even in pro-gun states, such efforts have stalled because of educators themselves. Just the idea of bringing guns into a school doesn’t make any sense to most liberals involved with public education. They think that guns were the cause of the Sandy Hook shooting as well as every other mass murder. So, they’d rather wait for the murderer to come to their school and kill Read more […]

Teachers’ Unions Hold American Children Hostage

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, now famous within the political world for taking on the public sector unions said: “The unions say ‘last hired – first fired;’ we say hire and fire based on merit. We want the best and brightest in the classroom.” There is a definite difference between private sector unions and public sector unions. Many people don’t recognize the difference, or even know that there is a difference at all. On one hand, you have a group of workers forming a union in order Read more […]

Teen Torn Apart By Teachers for Being Conservative Fights Back!

Benjamin Disraeli said: “Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.” Bullying comes in many forms, and has ignited a national conversation with recent incidents of bullied teens committing suicide. The media constantly focuses on incidents against minority, overweight, and gay teens. All of these incidents are awful in their own ways; people shouldn’t be tormented, no matter who they are. But something the media never mentions is bullying against Conservative teens. It happens often in college, where Read more […]

Gutless Teachers for Failing Families

Chicago’s teacher strike raised one issue that bares consideration: who should be held accountable for so called un-teachable students? In my day if you didn’t want to learn the nuns beat it into you. Many a time, I experienced the unique sensation of having my head slammed off a blackboard to illustrate the importance of paying attention. I hated chairing sentences; however, I earned a “B” in that class and carried the significance of the head meeting blackboard lesson with me for the rest Read more […]