The New GOP: Brinkmanship, Gamesmanship, Plain Politics, or Real Convictions?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between political games and political convictions. Recently, Rand Paul almost single-handedly derailed the newest iteration of the Patriot Act. Some in the GOP believe his actions were nothing more than a political stunt to galvanize his Libertarian base. For instance, Mike Lee of Utah, who is not running for president, thinks most of Paul’s legislative actions are designed to play into Paul’s presidential bid: “The American people deserve better Read more […]

Why Isn’t the Tea Party Succeeding in Reducing Government?

If liberal fearmongers are correct, the Tea Party is at the very height of its power. Yet so many elected Tea Party Republicans have failed to rein in the federal government. They were elected on a promise none of them have been able to fulfill: In the American scheme of government-by-special-interests, the instinctive conservative sympathy for states’ rights and business interests can be a dangerous trap, leading even the most ardent champions of limited government and economic freedom to embrace Read more […]

IRS Winning Against the Tea Party

The first two lawsuits against the IRS brought by suppressed Tea Party organizations have been decided. In favor of the IRS. The method of the Taxman’s victory? Finally give the Tea Party groups tax-exempt status: Judge Reggie Walton of the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia dismissed almost all counts brought against the tax-collecting agency in two cases, ruling that both were essentially moot now that the IRS granted the groups their tax-exempt status that had been held up for Read more […]

MSNBC Host Gets “Stoned” Live on TV

MSNBC Reporter Chris Hayes was physically attacked on Monday night when rioters in Ferguson, Missouri pelted him with rocks and various other objects. HAYES: “People are throwing rocks at us” RIOTER: “Y’all tell the true story!” CRAIG MELVIN: “We ARE telling the true story!” RIOTER: “Tell the true story!” HAYES: “People are angry, man… they’re really angry.” RIOTER: “Tell them what’s really goin’ on!” HAYES: “We’re trying to…  (To audience)  A few Read more […]

Would the Founding Fathers Have Backed the Tea Party?

One of the most consistent refrains of Tea Party politicians is that their political philosophy is the most consistent with the Founding Fathers. But some more astute observers of history are disputing this, saying that the Founding Fathers were politicians who crafted the Constitution on compromises—and that some of the Founding Fathers were more big-government than others: There is, of course, a more broadly applicable lesson here. At any given moment in time, it always appears to be the case Read more […]

CNN’s Donna Brazile Says Some Surprisingly Intelligent Things about the Tea Party

CNN’s Donna Brazile, campaign manager during Al Gore’s failed 2000 Presidential bid, who never has anything nice to say about conservatives… had some surprisingly lucid things to say in a recent segment on CNN. Donna Brazile: I have to tell you as somebody who’s observing this race, I’m trying to look at all of these primary races. Low turnout. You got to really go out there in these low turnout elections, although there were a lot more than participated in most primaries. Still, Eric Read more […]

Conservatism Beats the Establishment: David Brat Destroys Eric Cantor

“It should frighten everyone in leadership…They haven’t been conservative enough. We’ve told them that for 3 years. They wouldn’t listen…Maybe they will listen now.” – Conservative House Republican, speaking with National Journal on condition of anonymity Yesterday was a day that will live on in infamy. Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic, but yesterday was still pretty incredible. A Tea Party backed candidate defeated one of the most powerful sitting Republican members of the House of Representatives. Read more […]

Thad Cochran Refuses To Debate Tea Party Challenger

“The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness.” – Niels Bohr Hiding and secrecy are sometimes a necessity of the persecuted. Sometimes they are required for the greater good. In the majority of cases, however, hiding and secrecy are the tools of someone who has done, or is doing, something wrong. In these cases in which wrongs are being hidden, the only way to wage war is through exposure. The secrets must be pulled out into the Read more […]

Why Republican Cowards Despise Cruz

“Former Rep. Steven LaTourette is a member in the establishment’s war on the Tea Party. His deceptively named ‘Defending Main Street’ PAC is being financed primarily by Wall Street and labor unions, which have contributed at least 20% to the group’s fundraising haul. In an appearance on MSNBC’s The Last Word on Tuesday, LaTourette said that Cruz was ‘reprehensible’ for forcing Republicans to go on the record to advance a bill to raise the debt ceiling without reducing spending.” – Tony Lee In Read more […]

Ted Cruz Derails Amnesty; What’s Next?

“Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.” – Martin Luther Not only must man do his own believing, but he must act on that belief. So often, politicians meld into a single organism, seemingly designed to screw us all over. Additionally, they make wildly irrational decisions, not based on the will of their constituency, or the desire to uphold the rule of law, but rather based on their own fears, and selfish desires. If that is the current state of politics, Read more […]

Chuck Schumer Calls Tea Party Racist…Again

“Yes, things have changed. White Anglo-Saxon men are not exclusively running the country anymore…President Obama lost the white male vote 35 to 62 percent yet he recaptured the presidency – by 5 million votes and a resounding electoral college margin…[explain] why so many on the right vehemently opposed the Senate immigration bill…In a pre-tea party world, the Senate immigration bill would have been welcomed by House Republicans…However, the tea party rank and file know it’s a different Read more […]

Tea Party Candidate Joshua Black Calls for Obama’s Execution

The Secret Service showed up at the house of Joshua Black, a Republican candidate for the Florida House, after this inflammatory tweet: “I’m past impeachment [for President Obama]. It’s time to arrest and hang him high.” Not smart, Joshua Black. Not smart at all. If Joshua Black had not been, well, black, this would have been so much worse. Hang him high? Like lynch him, maybe? When are Tea Party candidates, already famous for pediphagia, going to stop saying such obviously misconstruable Read more […]