76-Year-Old Tasered Over Expired Tag

Was this a good reason to be tasered? On top of that, the car was exempt from an inspection, meaning he didn’t have to have proper tags, just the dealer tags it already had. The car was owned by a used car lot, and it was being driven back to the lot by a mechanic. A cop spotted the car with “expired tags” and pulled the 76-year-old mechanic over. The man exited the vehicle and tried to alert his manager so that they could resolve the misunderstanding. Apparently, the 23-year-old cop Read more […]

Homeschool Parents Tasered and Pepper-Sprayed Over “Messy” House

The homeschool parents are suing over how they were treated. This Missouri couple homeschools their three kids. A social worker had visited their house once and then ordered an investigation into the family because of a “messy” house. The family had complied with the social worker’s first visit and inspection, but they objected the second time, at which point the social worker got the Missouri Sheriff’s Department involved. The police ended up pepper-spraying and tasering the parents, Read more […]

Cop Tasers Student, Putting Him in Coma for 52 Days; Cop Get Away With It

All cops have to do is claim they felt their lives were threatened, or that they were concerned for the safety of others, and they’ll get away with murder. Sometimes, quite literally. In this particular case, a cop put a kid in a coma for trying to break up a fight on campus. And now the student is suffering from permanent brain damage. The cops claimed the student was “acting aggressively,” but surveillance footage shows no evidence of the student acting aggressively toward the police. Police Read more […]

Texan Tazed and Arrested for Carrying a Rifle on His Shoulder

These days, it doesn’t really matter what the law says, if people are scared of you, they’ll call the police, and the police will harass you as if you’re a dangerous criminal. Open gun-carriers are prime examples. In Texas, you can open carry a rifle. But when people see others open carrying a gun, the first thing many of them do is call the police…just in case. (If you see something, say something.) I don’t really have any problem with the police following up on these calls, but most of them Read more […]

Cop Tases Father For Trying to Save His 3-Year-Old Child From Their Burning House

There’s a reason people are wary of calling the police in an emergency situation. Many times, the police show up and make matters worse. Like in Austin, Minnesota when Dustin Sheeley called 911 because his brother Scott was having a seizure. The paramedics arrived along with the Austin Police. In the middle of Scott’s seizure, he was restrained and handcuffed. When he “refused” to be still, a police officer decided to shoot the man with his taser gun at least four times, in spite of Dustin Read more […]