Billionaire Gun Control Nut Sues for Right to Own a Tank

This is rich; a guy is suing for the right to own a tank. He’s a Seattle billionaire who donated a half-million dollars to Washington state’s Initiative-594, a gun control measure that would put more restrictions on gun owners. It would mandate background checks for all gun sales, even at gun shows and in private sales. But this same guy is in a legal battle over a tank. A Panzer IV from World War II. He paid the owner $2.5 million, and so far, the owner has kept the money and won’t give up Read more […]

Police Department Gets Military-Style Armored Car To Scare Citizens…For Their Own Protection

The city of Salinas, California just got a new toy. And it was free. It’s part of a national military surplus program where the Department of Defense is de-commissioning equipment and handing them down to local police departments. In this case, Salinas won a 37,000-pound military-style armored vehicle. Writing for the Daily Caller, Robby Soave reported: It will be put to use in SWAT team operations. The department’s last vehicle was outdated and in deplorable condition. It provided little Read more […]

Police Chief Opposes Second Amendment; Gets Tank For His “Troops”

Another blog is reporting that the Milwaukee Police Department has purchased an armored tank to use to patrol the city. “This is something you see in a monster truck show,a third world country or the old rural Michigan wastelands I grew up in as a kid.  But seriously what is this used for?  Besides intimidation, the upcoming food riots  or the arrest of bloggers like myself, I can’t really pin point many uses.  It’s not economical to chase speeders and write tickets in a tank,  and I’m Read more […]