‘Virginity Rocks’ T-shirt Too Controversial for School

Today’s public schools subjectively pick and choose what they believe to be too controversial and what is acceptable. For instance, schools allowed t-shirts promoting Barack Obama and other Democrats while telling some students to take off their Romney/Ryan t-shirts. Students can wear t-shirts promoting a woman’s supposed right to abortion but pro-life shirts have been banned on some campuses. Anti-gun shirts are allowed on some campuses while pro-gun rights shirts are banned almost everywhere. The Read more […]

Another High Schooler Suspended for Wearing Gun Shirt

Actually, I should clarify that he was given a chance by the principal to turn his shirt inside out. When the student refused, he was suspended. Breitbart reported:  On May 6, Hindsdale High School senior Chris Borg was suspended after choosing to go home instead of turning his shirt with an image of an AK-47 inside out. Borg said “the dean of students… offered him the chance to turn the shirt inside out,” but he “felt it was an infringement of [his] First Amendment right to freedom of expression.” Borg Read more […]

Man Booted Out of Voting Booth for Wearing 2nd Amendment T-Shirt

Liberals claim that voter ID laws disenfranchise voters. Particularly Blacks and Latinos. I mean, how else are illegal aliens going to vote Democrat? How else are Blacks supposed to vote four times if they have to show their ID in order to vote? How racist. Well, who needs voter ID law disenfranchisement when you’ve got poll workers booting voters out the door for wearing the wrong kind of t-shirt? They already have laws in place that prohibit people from campaigning for or placing signs Read more […]