SWAT Team Destroys Innocent Family’s House, Claims They’re not Responsible

It all started when an armed man Robert Jonathan Seacat shoplifted something from Walmart and then broke into a family’s house, which led to a 19-hour standoff with a Greenwich Village, Colorado police SWAT team. When negotiations with the armed shoplifter didn’t work out, police started blowing the house up room by room. Keep in mind that this family had nothing to do with any crime whatsoever. The shoplifter had simply chosen their house as a hideaway from police. The police had their tank Read more […]

Man Calls Suicide Hotline; SWAT Team Kills Him

A Roy, Utah man named Jose Calzada called a suicide hotline early one morning, and a SWAT team was dispatched to his house that ended up killing him. It’s as if the police told him, “No, don’t kill yourself! Let us do that for you.” As the Free Thought Project noted, the first mistake here was the suicide prevention center contacting the police department instead of a group of people who know how to deal with those who are suicidal. Police too often “feel their lives are threatened” Read more […]

Cop Kills Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl

A cop killed a sleeping 7-year-old girl in one of those middle-of-the-night, no-knock police raids a few years ago. So far, the only charge that the cop’s still facing is “recklessly discharging a firearm.” The case’s most recent trial on October 10th ended in a mistrial, the same way the first trial concluded. The judge had dropped the involuntary manslaughter charge against him. Police State USA summarized what happened: On the evening of May 16, 2010, the Detroit Police Department’s Read more […]

Another Innocent American Dies in No-Knock Police Raid

A 59-year-old Georgia man is the latest victim of a no-knock police raid. The police had gotten a warrant to search the house of David and Teresa Hooks for meth. But guess who gave the police this information? A meth addict who had come to the Hooks’ house just 2 days prior to the police raid, burglarized their home, and stole their black SUV. The meth addict burglar told the police that he had found meth in the Hooks’ SUV, which turned out to be a lie. So, that burglary and theft of their Read more […]

What’s the Difference Between Local Police and the Military?

Even the New York Times is running stories on the military ramp-up of local police forces. As armored cars, tanks, automatic weapons and very-high-capacity clips continue flowing into local police armories, it’s hard to deny that the lines between the local police and the military are blurring. During the Obama administration, according to Pentagon data, police departments have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and Read more […]

Former Cop: No-Knock Raids are About Getting Federal Grant Money

I know there are good cops out there. But sadly, the good ones don’t last all that long. They end up getting fired, forced to resign, or they quit, because they can’t take the politics anymore. So, we’re left with either bad cops or those who will do as they’re told in order to put food on the table. The group Photography is Not a Crime (PINAC) conducted an interview with a former Crowley, Louisiana cop. He was one of the good ones but became disillusioned with all the no-knock raids they Read more […]

Should Citizens be Allowed to Defend Themselves Against Police in No-Knock Raids?

A couple weeks ago in Killeen, Texas, local police conducted a no-knock 5:30 a.m. raid on a couple’s apartment. There isn’t any evidence that the police announced themselves prior to breaking in. And not only that, when they searched the apartment after their raid, the most incriminating thing they could find was a glass pipe. No drugs. In the process of the officers’ breaking in, the couple in the apartment grabbed their handguns and shot at the intruders, killing one and injuring another. Read more […]

D.C. Businessman Found Guilty of Possessing Inert Muzzleloader Bullets

There was a case we reported on a while back involving a D.C. businessman who was arrested and charged with possession of unregistered ammo. Apparently, they think it would “promote public safety” to order 30 officers decked out in full tactical gear to the house of D.C. businessman Mark Witaschek, raid his house, use a battering ram to break down the door to the bathroom where his 16-year-old son was taking a shower, pull him out of the bathroom naked, hold the businessman and his girlfriend Read more […]

Police Department Gets Military-Style Armored Car To Scare Citizens…For Their Own Protection

The city of Salinas, California just got a new toy. And it was free. It’s part of a national military surplus program where the Department of Defense is de-commissioning equipment and handing them down to local police departments. In this case, Salinas won a 37,000-pound military-style armored vehicle. Writing for the Daily Caller, Robby Soave reported: It will be put to use in SWAT team operations. The department’s last vehicle was outdated and in deplorable condition. It provided little Read more […]

30 Police Officers Raid D.C. Businessman’s Home Over “Unregistered Ammo”

Emily Miller with the Washington Times is the journalist who brought us the inside details about how Diane Feinstein got away with parading around with “assault weapons” that were illegal in D.C. In short, the D.C. Police assisted Feinstein in her effort to shock people with scary looking guns in one of her press conferences earlier this year to push gun control. The police also worked to cover up their involvement. But thanks to Miller’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the conspiracy Read more […]

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste: Pelosi Renews Push For Gun Control

The recent murder spree at the Navy Yard could have resulted in far fewer deaths had the SWAT team not been told to stand down. I don’t know who made the order or why, but there’s no doubt that if the SWAT team had been allowed to do as they were trained to do, that there wouldn’t have been enough deaths to classify the incident as a “mass shooting.” If it weren’t classified as a mass shooting, it wouldn’t be able to be used as political leverage to ban semi-automatic rifles. Even though Read more […]

Without Faith We Are Exiled To Coward Nation

Last Saturday at a flea market in Portsmouth, VA, the police found some man who had some outstanding warrants. When they approached, he managed to barricade himself in a bathroom. Nothing in the story mentions a weapon or suspicion that he might have a weapon of any kind. Nevertheless, the nearby Portsmouth campus of Tidewater Community College “was put on lockdown as a precaution and the ramp from I-264 to Victory Blvd was closed to traffic.” Friday morning, at L. C. Mohr High School, in Read more […]