Knives in Schools: Honor Student Gets Yr. Suspension While Sikh Student Allowed to Carry Dagger

Atiya Haynes is a 17 year old senior honor student at Dearborn Heights High School in Michigan. She rode her bicycle to school and to a job she held. During the summer her grandfather gave her a pocket knife with a 3 ¼ inch blade and told her to carry it with her for protection. Earlier this month, Haynes was attending a football game at her school when she used a bathroom in one of the school buildings. That’s when Haynes academic life became a tragic nightmare that could ruin her entire future. Supposedly Read more […]

Guess Which “Threatening” Hand Gesture This 5-Year-Old Made To Earn Himself A Suspension

Something magical and menacing must happen when a person fashions his fingers into the shape of a handgun. All of a sudden, no matter how young the person is, that hand becomes a lethal force and can cause significant emotional and psychological trauma for those poor, young, unfortunate souls who happen to witness the hand gesture. And not to mention all those physically injured by all the imaginary bullets. It was on the playground at school when the “incident” happened. And it was for this Read more […]

Students Suspended for Chanting ‘USA! USA!’

Our world of political correctness and not wanting to offend anyone once again strikes at the heart of American patriotism. Four male students at Adolfo Camarillo High School in Camarillo, California, just east of Oxnard, love to show their patriotism at school sporting events by wearing American flag bandanas and chanting ‘USA! USA!’  At a recent basketball game, the four teens got the crowd chanting ‘USA! USA!’ with them.  Officials stepped in and stopped them and the four boys were Read more […]

10 Year Old Jailed for Toy Gun

If a 10 year old boy pointed a gun that had an orange tip on it, would you think the gun was real or just a toy? Evidently, that doesn’t matter to the officials at Douglas MacArthur Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia.  A 10 year old fifth-grade boy took a toy gun to school in his book bag and showed it to other kids on the school bus on the way home from school.  The next morning, the police were waiting and found the toy gun in his backpack.  The boy was arrested and taken to the Read more […]

Student’s Laptop Wallpaper Results in Suspension

Paranoia is running so high in America’s public schools that teachers and administrators are looking for violent killers under every piece of paper and laptop computer. Ever since Sandy Hook, kids across America are being suspended for the horrible vicious crime of being kids.  We’re hearing more and more reports of overreacting educational professionals who spend their careers trying to teach kids not to overreact. We’ve heard of a 6 year old boy that got suspended for playing cops Read more […]

Journalism Student Suspended For Being a Journalist

Alex Myers is a foreign exchange student attending State University of New York at Oswego (SUNY Oswego).  While attending the school, Myers held an intern position in the school’s Public Affairs Office and everything seemed to be going well for Alex. Alex was given a journalism assignment in his advanced journalism class to write a feature article on a public figure, so he chose the school’s men’s hockey coach, Ed Gosek.  Following good journalism practice, he sought information from coaches Read more […]