Mississippi Passes Anti-Bloomberg Bill

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been making headlines and enemies over the past year due to his dictatorial edicts against food, drink, pain killers and guns.  Perhaps because he is one of the 10th richest people in the United States, he feels he has the right to impose restrictions upon how much food, drink and painkillers people in his city are allowed to have. This past week, a New York judge ruled that Bloomberg’s ban on selling and serving large sugary drinks was arbitrary and Read more […]

Judge Cans Bloomberg’s Big Sugary Drink Ban

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes that his immense wealth automatically gives him the power to dictate the way people live.  He doesn’t govern by reason, but rather what his personal feelings are.  He doesn’t like guns, so he is spending millions of dollars to outlaw guns throughout the nation.  He doesn’t like painkillers being sold on the streets, so he limits their use in hospitals to patients who need them.  He doesn’t like people to have sugary drinks, so he has done Read more […]