Two Guys Steal $5,000 in Cash, Post Brag Video on Internet

They put their money where their mouth was…quite literally, actually, in a brag video. Except that it wasn’t their money. They had stolen five grand in cash from a Houston, Texas resident Randy Shaeffer’s truck. They also had taken a laptop, an iPad and some other items. I’m sure the owner is regretting leaving all his valuables in his truck. But that doesn’t excuse the theft. Not long after they swiped the man’s money and electronic devices, they went to a Burger King and took 17 Read more […]

Nicholas Wig, World’s Stupidest Criminal

Nicholas Wig was trying to rob a house during a rain storm. He got soaked while he was breaking in, so he took off his wet clothes and shoes, then rummaged around looking for valuables. He found some cash, some credit cards, a watch, and an old phone or two, and was heading back out of his victim’s house when he noticed a computer. He looked around and didn’t notice anyone showing up, so he thought he had time to check his Facebook page for a spell before he made his clean getaway. He surfed Read more […]