Federal Judge Disciplined, Pulled From Case Involving NYPD ‘Stop-And-Frisk’ Policy

In August, US District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that New York Police Department policy called stop-and-frisk violates the constitutional rights of minorities.  The NYPD would stop and frisk anyone they deemed suspicious, but Scheindlin said that the majority of those stopped were black or Hispanic and that they would not have been stopped if they were white.  She said that it violates their Fourth Amendment rights of minorities. Ray Kelly, NYPD Commissioner responded to the judge’s Read more […]

Is Stop & Frisk Racial Profiling?

According to USA Today: “Last week a federal judge ruled that the policy [Stop & Frisk] was unconstitutional because it disproportionately targets blacks and Hispanics.” Allow me to lay out a scenario. Let’s say there is a city, and in this city, there are three different groups of people. Out of a large population, 33.2% have brown eyes, 22.9% have blue eyes, and 28.7% have green eyes. However, the crime rates for this city don’t match up with the percentages. Why? It just so happens that Read more […]