Obama’s America Now Worships Wealth And Income Disparity

I am still trying to figure out why liberals are celebrating recent Wall Street gains and last Friday’s massaged employment statistics. In America, declining income and government dependency are becoming the new way of life for once prosperous, now overregulated small business and middle class families slowly taxed out of their homes. Given recent market highs, I just have to ask, do liberals still believe that Democrats and Obama are still the champions of Americas working class? Under Obama Read more […]

Do Google Elites Foresee Disaster?

What does this guy know that other owners of Google stock don’t know? From Market Watch: “Google Inc. chairman Eric Schmidt plans to sell up to $2.51 billion of his share in the company, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing late Friday. Schmidt owns 2.3% of Google’s outstanding shares and has 8.2% of the voting power. Under the plan, Schmidt, who owns about 7.6 million shares of Google stock, plans to sell about 3.2 million shares of his Class A stock.” Now, why would Read more […]