Woman Who Filmed Own Abortion Starts Website to “Remove Shame and Stigma” of Abortion

She thinks that if more women record their abortion procedures and post those videos to her website, it will help to “remove the shame and stigma” of abortion. Maybe that’s what Bryce Williams was thinking when he committed his double murder in front of a live camera. Perhaps he was trying to get other murderers to do the same thing in an effort to remove the “shame and stigma” of murder. That’s typically how the left deals with anything. Look at same-sex marriage and homosexuality. Read more […]

School on Islamic Workshop: “Attend or ‘Racist’ Will Be on Your Permanent Record”

From England’s Littleton Green Community School, what we in America would call an elementary school, comes a story of a principal’s blackmailing of parents in order to get them to permit Islamic indoctrination of their children. A letter written to the parents by the “Head Teacher” of the school reads: As part of the National Religious Education Curriculum together with the multicultural community in which we live, it is a statutory requirement for Primary School aged children to experience and Read more […]