Your Politically Incorrect Guide to Thanksgiving

The very funny and absolutely correct Steven Crowder has put together a brilliant (and politically incorrect) guide for Thanksgiving 2015. His efforts are just in time to prepare you for the Turkey Day festivities that will no doubt put you in direct conflict with your liberal cousin from Albuquerque who is worried about “white privilege,” “trigger warnings,” and social justice. Watch, learn and share the knowledge with everyone and make this the best Thanksgiving celebration ever.   Full Read more […]

Watch as MLK Jr. Responds to the Unrest in Ferguson

The very funny (and very thoughtful) Steven Crowder wonders what Dr. Martin Luther King would say if he could respond to what is happening in places like Ferguson, Missouri today. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream.  Did that dream include looting, rioting, punching cops and following con-artists like Al Sharpton? Watch the video and see for yourself.   Read more […]

Jesus vs. Muhammad – See the Video that Brought On THOUSANDS of Death Threats!

Steven Crowder is a very funny dude – he’s also pretty smart. For years he’s combined these two gifts to create some of the best conservative comedy commentary on the interwebs, and because of that he’s gotten himself into a bit of hot water on more than one occasion. Over the years he’s created a couple of commentaries on Islam that have garnered him some… unwanted attention. With the recent attacks in Paris and the media firestorm that has developed around the attack, a video Steven Read more […]

What We’re Reading July 3, 2013

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to yet another addition of What We’re Reading! Today we have attempted to sift through all of the rubbish, noise and frivolity that pollutes the internet the way scandals pollute the Obama administration – to bring you pure current events gold. We want you updated and knowledgeable of all the goings on so that when confronted with ignorance (usually in the form of a liberal), you’ll be able to combat the nonsense drivel with real factual argumentation. Here’s Read more […]