Propaganda: Forensic Drama Portrays Tea Party as Violent “Ultra Right-Wing Extremist” Group

When we talk about media propaganda, it’s not something that’s only evident in the “news” section of the media. TV shows are saturated with it, and it’s more and more visible as producers and writers decide that subtlety just isn’t necessary anymore. I admit, I’ve watched more than my fair share of CSI. My favorite was the original set in Las Vegas. But ever since Grissom left, the show went completely downhill for me. I think I watched one of the newer episodes probably a year or Read more […]

Offended By Halloween Costumes? Grow Up!

Colleges around the country are telling their customers, sometimes referred to as students, not to dress up for Halloween as anything that could possibly be deemed offensive. The University of Colorado at Boulder instructs their students not to dress up as “white trash” or anything hyper-sexual. Presumably slutty NASCAR chicks are a double no-no. Also, no ghetto or crime-associated themes at Halloween parties, a redundant distinction. “Making the choice to dress up as someone from another Read more […]