Coming soon: Hysterical Liberal Public Information Campaigns

These days it is hard to find anything humorous in the news. With all the violence, deceit, and inhumane behavior we ingest on a daily basis sometimes, we all need a little chuckle. I know I do. At least my family tells me so, so why not have a one at the expense of the weird Harold left wing nuts in San Francisco. For those that may be offended by what they are about to read, let me apologize. I am out on a limb. Recently, Health Officials in San Francisco have run head first into a decade’s Read more […]

Philly Schools Promoting Teen Sex

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love is loving in a different way.  Areas of the city are experiencing high rates of STDs and nearly 25% of all the new cases are occurring in teenagers. If you were given the task of curtailing the problem, how would you go about it? I can tell you one thing; I definitely would not have taken the same approach as the Philly schools are taking.  Over the Christmas break, school officials have been busy installing clear plastic dispensers full of condoms, Read more […]