State Of The Union: Completely Ridiculous

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the State of the Union address as “the largest congregation of American criminals all gathered in one room to watch Barack Obama, our first woman president, put sugar on sh#%.” The language is a surprise, but look it up for yourself. Okay, fine, it’s not in the OED, but the editors of that dictionary are all old white men, so what do they know? Here are some of the moments in President Obama’s speech that stood out to me: “Get those bills to my desk.” Read more […]

Only Government Has The Right To Decide What Health Benefits Employees Get From Employers

If you are the owner of a business, whether large or small, should you have the right to determine what benefits, including healthcare coverage that you want to provide for your employees?  As an employer, you should have the right to determine what kind, if any, retirement program you offer, or what your sick time and vacation policies will be.  Should you not have the same rights as an employer about what kind of healthcare coverage you want to provide, especially since you will be paying the Read more […]

I Have A Ribbon For Obama And America

Just a crazy thought. Clearly, the government does not give a hoot about the issues that are a priority to productive Americans. As it always is, the U.S. government expects “we the people” to shoulder the financial burdens both parties heap on us, one after the other. Although we bare some of the responsibility for the actions of those we elect, rarely do we have any significant way to remind government they work for us. It is hard to remember the last time the U.S. government actually solved Read more […]