Sales Quadruple at Gun Store Near St. Louis Riots

When violence hits particularly close to home, residents often stop their procrastination and go out and get a gun. And those who already have a gun decide that they need a second or third one. Gun sales near Ferguson, Missouri, where riots and looters left several businesses destroyed, have skyrocketed to the point where gun control advocates would be absolutely convinced that the riots must have been a part of a well-orchestrated conspiracy by the evil gun lobby as a way to increase their own Read more […]

Two Armed Thugs Hold Teen at Gunpoint; Dad Kills One, Injures the Other

A couple nights ago in a St. Louis, Missouri neighborhood, a 17-year-old girl went outside to retrieve something from her car. She was then confronted by two armed men who ordered her back in the house. As they escorted her back, one of the men held a gun to her head. Peering out the window, the girl’s dad saw what was going on and grabbed his gun. The mom did as well, and they both shot at the two armed men. Apparently, the mother wasn’t a good shot, since she missed both targets. The Read more […]

Watching St. Louis Descend Into A Banana Republic

I have no illusions about crime in my town, both in the city and in the surrounding greater metro area. Nor do I think crime should be coddled. As a teen, I cheered for “Dirty” Harry Callahan as Clint Eastood portrayed him. But the crime done by private citizens doesn’t seem nearly as dangerous as the crime perpetrated behind a badge and then protected by a judge and a state Representative. “A former St. Louis police officer is under fire after surveillance video surfaced showing him Read more […]

Express Scripts & St. Louis: More Big Gov/Big Biz Collusion

As a resident of St. Louis, seeing a headline such as, “Express Scripts to add 1,500 jobs, latest boost to employment outlook in St. Louis region,” makes me “feel good inside,” as VeggieTales taught me to say. I think what this might mean: Express Scripts likes the St. Louis region and wants to expand there. That represents more jobs in St. Louis that will add to the regional economy, but it also makes me hope that, if Express Scripts found the people and area of St. Louis so attractive that Read more […]