Feds Instructing Banks to Call Cops on Customers Who Withdraw More Than $5,000?

These days, we’re taught to “say something” if we “see something.” Everything can be considered “suspicious activity.” For people in a more official capacity, there’s incentive to over-report. If something happens, and it turns out that an official could have notified police beforehand of anything “suspicious,” but didn’t, that official could get in serious trouble. Just think about how medical or mental health professionals have to report anything “suspicious” to Read more […]

“I Have Nothing To Hide”: Misses The Point Of Big Brother

So I’m hearing and reading people who think that it is just fine for the government to “keep us safe” ™ by spying on the general public, culling data without a warrant as the Fourth Amendment dictates. “I’m not doing anything wrong,” we are told. That doesn’t matter. The conservative groups who applied to the IRS for 501©3 status were not doing anything wrong either. But they were nevertheless singled out for harassment. The conservative groups who were trying to get documents Read more […]