Democrat Hank Johnson: “We Don’t Have Enough” Taxes

Georgia Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson said that we don’t have enough taxes to help the government do what it needs to do. He said that the solution is to tax the rich and corporations so that they’re paying their fair share. CNS News reported: Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) says when it comes to taxes, “we don’t have enough to do what the government – and do what the country needs the government to do and that’s the problem.” The Georgia Democrat told WABE radio last week that, “If Read more […]

California Politicians Drive Fancy Cars at Taxpayer Expense

I’m not just saying that these politicians are using their taxpayer-funded salary to buy their vehicles. The state has rental car fleet that state politicians and agents use. They’re updating the fleet to include more “environmentally friendly” vehicles like Ford Fusion Hybrids. And at the same time, state lawmakers are proposing more and higher taxes to cover roads. This is just one reason the Left Coast of California is in the red. Breitbart reported: California splurged by spending $540,000 Read more […]

State Department Spends $400,000 on Fiberglass Camel Sculpture

Jesus said that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. An artist created a sculpture of a life-size camel staring at the eye of a large needle. His work is called “Camel Contemplating Needle.” In a sort of twist of irony, the “rich” State Department is planning on buying it for $400,000 to be placed in the new U.S. embassy being constructed in Islamabad, Pakistan: The work, by noted American artist John Baldessari, depicts a Read more […]

Despite Record Spending on Education, Test Scores Continue to Stagnate, Decline

The politicians and policymakers in this country are certainly not getting any kind of return on their decades-long investment and campaign to extort money out of the populace in order to give children a “free education.” A recent study by the Cato Institute found that despite billions of dollars in additional taxes and funds to America’s education system, test scores have at best remained the same, and have in some places declined on average. Robby Soave with the Daily Caller reported: On Read more […]

Taxpayers Paying To Collect Human Urine, Build 3-D Pizza Printers & $4 Million For Another Obama Vacation

As Congress passes its first budget since 2009, I thought it only fitting to tell you where some of your taxpayer dollars are really being spent on. To begin with, you and I are paying $4 million for the Obama’s Christmas vacation to Hawaii.  They will be staying in a private home in Kailuana Place, which is only two minutes from the Marine base on Kaneohe Bay.  The cost of the vacation includes operating Air Force One and paying for all of the staff and secret service that have to travel Read more […]

DC Mayor To Harry Reid: Stop Shutting Down Government

Is the government shutdown the fault of Republicans? Even if we side with the Democrats that the Republicans “ought to offer a ‘clean’ bill” (a preposterous notion) the Democrats are still to blame. As you may have noticed, this is an incredibly incomplete shutdown. Many things are still being magically funded, and half the things being shut down are only touched because Obama is intentionally trying to cause pain. But, while the Republicans have passed bills that fund parts of that Read more […]

The Five-Sided Money Pit: Is Hagel A Hope Or GOP Blackmail To RaiseTaxes?

Writing for Wired Magazine’s “Danger Room,” Spencer Ackerman recently explained why Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel needs to deliver on his promises to reform the Pentagon: “In March 2012, the Government Accountability Office, Congress’ investigative agency, took a look at the 96 highest-priority defense programs in the Pentagon acquisitions system. The watchdog organization found that the acquisition programs represented an estimated total cost of $1.58 trillion, and had actually ‘grown Read more […]

Senator Jeff Sessions Catches Democrats in Massive Lie

I. F. Stone said: “All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.” Sometimes, simple words are all we need to define our lives. With everything around us layered with so much complexity, it is often the elegance of simplicity that cuts to the base of who we are. That quote, by Stone, simply and perfectly captures our government—more specifically, the Democrats. The Democrats are constantly braying about fiscal responsibility; paying our deficits, and balancing the Read more […]

Bernanke’s Delusion About Spending And Respectable Economists

  Congressman Sean Duffy did an amazing job pinpointing the issue with Ben Bernanke. I suspect that the reference to $700 billion to teach shrimp to use a treadmill was a misprint, but that is a minor problem. Duffy tried to get Benanke to admit that two percent of the budget could be cut without causing catastrophe, and that the government needs to do at least that much to avoid the coming collapse of the American economy. Among other things, I gleaned from Ben Bernanke’s words Read more […]

It’s Not Just Government Spending; It’s Stupid Government Spending!

As our nation moves closer to inauguration day and the obscene party that will take place to commemorate the 2nd coronation of Barrack Hussein Obama, I wonder when it will all come to a screeching halt. I wonder what future event will shake our Republic so hard that the people just say enough is enough and stop contributing to the irresponsible bureaucracies that are stealing our future. You know, like a tax revolt or something? Deficits, Debt, Debt ceilings, paying our bills, billion dollar Presidential Read more […]

Strip Clubs And Food Stamps

Food-stamp spending for fiscal-year 2012 reached a new record high: $80.4 billion, beating the previous record, of 2011, by $2.7 billion. As of January 4, 2013, 47.5 million people are on food stamps. This means that the average monthly paycheck received by those on food stamps is $1,692. One-thousand six-hundred and ninety-two. Nobody’s monthly grocery expenses need to be that high. Nobody’s monthly grocery expenses should be that high. That’s obscene. I live in a household of two, and Read more […]

The Greed Of An Obama Generation

A leader recently said: “We didn’t become the most prosperous country in the world just by rewarding greed and recklessness. We didn’t come this far by letting the special interests run wild.” Truer words are rarely spoken. The quote cuts to the heart of what defines our country; or defined. We revolted against a greedy and corrupt government, succeeded, then built the most prosperous and benevolent nation in history. But what goes up must come down; and prosperousness always sours and turns Read more […]