Small Texas Towns Rake in Millions from Speeding Tickets

Small towns profit off speeding tickets. That’s how cities and police departments make money. In fact, if it weren’t for the municipal court cases created from speeding citations, there wouldn’t be a police department. Officials always argue that speeding laws are about safety. I think it’s possible that they started out that way, but it didn’t take long for city officials and cops to see how quickly they could make money from speeding laws. Then, cities and small towns started budgeting Read more […]

Cop Violated Speed Laws…to Buy a Bag of Peanuts

The speed laws don’t apply to all drivers equally. A civilian driver was curious about why a particular cop was speeding on the freeway. So, he decided to follow the cop while his cell phone camera captured his experience. He found that the cop wasn’t on his way to an emergency or a crime in progress. He was on his way to the convenience store. When the cop exited the store, he had a bag of peanuts. KETV reported: A YouTube video shows an Omaha police officer speeding through traffic, but Read more […]