Planned Parenthood: “Extremists Creating a Poisonous Environment that Feeds Domestic Terrorism”

As of this writing, police aren’t sure of a motive in the shooting and hostage situation at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. During the incident, several people were injured, and three were shot dead, including one police officer. Fifty-seven-year-old Robert Lewis Dear is the suspect who eventually gave himself up to police and is now in custody. Predictably, Obama is using the incident to push more gun control: “If we truly care about this – if we’re going to offer up Read more […]

SPLC to Ben Carson: We’ll Take You Off Our Extremist List…But You’re Still an Extremist

The SPLC’s quite the class act, aren’t they? They got some bad press when they put Ben Carson of all people on their extremist list. You’ve got to admit, it does look bad when a “civil rights” organization puts a black man on their hate list, simply because he’s a conservative. That’s probably why they decided to take him off. If he were some white guy, he’d stay on, and they’d make no apologies. It’s okay to hate white people. The Daily Caller reported: Under intense scrutiny Read more […]

Ben Carson Added to “Extremist Files” of SPLC

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an extremist hate group that attacks any other group or individual that doesn’t identify with radical liberalism and lumps them all in the same group. So, you’ll have the usual KKK members and other white supremacists lumped in with a group like the Family Research Council. In fact, it was the SPLC’s “Extremist Files” on the Family Research Council that led Floyd Lee Corkins to storm the FRC’s headquarters with a hundred rounds of ammo and the intent Read more […]

Nobody Noticed The Guy With The Bulky Back Pack?

While left wing America and the folks at cling to the hope that the individuals responsible for the Boston Marathon Massacre are privileged white male members of the Tea Party; a massive effort is being made to identify and apprehend the guy with the pressure cooker stuffed backpacks nobody noticed. A lot of well trained and funded eyes were focused on the world’s oldest marathon last Monday, yet two Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) managed to slip through a six figure federal and state Read more […]

Bradlee Dean: Self-inflicted Hate Crimes

Floyd Elliott, of Independence, Mo., told police that two subjects attacked him in the parking lot of his apartment complex. He said the attackers cut him in the stomach, branded him with a hot knife and attempted to carve the word “fag” on his forehead. Investigators were suspicious about the report because the head carving was backwards, as if done while looking into a mirror. Later, Elliott admitted to police that the injuries were self-inflicted. Can you say, Elliott stepped in it? Friends, Read more […]