House Dems Pushing Hard for Gun Control AGAIN

Do you remember watching the old western movies when the Indians attacked the wagon trains that had formed a circle? The Indians would attack in waves, retreating from time to time only to regroup before attacking again. Well, the anti-gun Democrats pulled back a few months ago and are again on the verge of mounting another attack against our Second Amendment rights to own and bear arms. Last week, 163 House Democrats sent a letter to Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, demanding: “A Read more […]

Mandela: An Evil World Mourns An Evil Man

It kills me that people can be so blind. It kills me when black people say the Democratic Party is looking out for their best interests. It also kills me that the world, including a white South African friend of mine, mourns the death of Nelson Mandela. Mandela, 95 years old at his death the other day, was the world’s second-most famous black man, right after Barack Obama and just ahead of Morgan Freeman. He was a Communist. He was the head of a terrorist organization. He sang about killing Read more […]