Grand Solar Minimum Threatens to Create Decades of Winter

Brace yourself: Winter is coming. According to climate scientists, who apparently have just recently started looking at the sun, a quiet sun is going to cause a severe dip in global temperatures—possibly resulting in another “Little Ice Age”: Climate experts warn the amount of light and warmth released by the sun is nosediving to levels “not seen for centuries.” They fear a repeat of the so-called ‘Maunder Minimum’ which triggered Arctic winter whiteouts and led to the River Thames Read more […]

Climate Change: Solar Minimum or Carbon Dioxide?

With wintry temperatures, snow, and ice pummeling the majority of the United States right now, even the most diehard climate change fanatics are dropping their “global warming” rhetoric for at least the time being. But what exactly is causing some of the lowest temperatures and heaviest snowfall in recent memory? Some scientists (not on the federal payroll, no doubt) are pointing to the recent solar minimum as the probable explanation: . . . If history is a guide, it is safe to say that weak Read more […]