Why Current Copyright Restrictions Actually Harm Content Creators

Copyright law is designed to benefit content creators by making sure no one can use their proprietary content without permission and restricting where and in what ways consumers can use purchased content. Especially in our digital age, copyright laws, DRM technology, and use restrictions have become commonplace. I think they actually do great harm to content creators in the long run. Here’s why. Like gun control laws, the only people who actually abide by copyright laws are those who really Read more […]

U.S. Government Caught Using Pirated Software

Our government has been cracking down on intellectual property infringements. In a report published by the 2013 Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement, run by the Vice President, it stated the administration’s commitment to enforce intellectual property laws: Infringement of intellectual property rights continues to harm U.S. businesses and unjustly usurps or undermines American innovation. More work must be done to ensure that counterfeits are eliminated from the government Read more […]