Stop Whining About Non-Existent Civil Liberties, and Check Migrants’ Social Media–Public and Private

“That’s not who we are.” – President Obama when his mouth is open Sometimes, I feel like Obama is a robot experiencing a software glitch; he’ll get stuck on a subject or a phrase and it just doesn’t stop. I suppose it’s endemic to all politicians, but if I hear the president say “That’s not who we are” just one more time, I may have to drive a pair of screwdrivers into my own ears. The most recent variation of this phrase came when he was speaking of vetting incoming migrants. According to ABC Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Has Over a Million Fake Twitter Followers

Politics is all about optics. The very few candidates running for public office who have any actual substance don’t end up winning. Usually, the ones who win their elections do so because of how they project themselves and how the media help shape their image. If the media like certain candidates and find them “marketable,” they’ll give them the majority of the coverage, which acts as free advertising for those candidates. Invariably, the candidates who appear the most fake and scripted are Read more […]

Facebook’s Plans to Encourage Censorship

The pretense or reporting “false content” will allow ideological censorship. “Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too.” – Voltaire Americans have a unique set of rights, the first of which acts as the foundation for those that follow. This foundational right, secured by blood, and transcribed with ink, allows us to speak freely, without fear of reproach from the government. However, censorship doesn’t always come from the government; it often comes from within our Read more […]

Gov Funds Service That Defines & Tracks “Misinformation,” & “Hate Speech” On Twitter

“So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.” – George Orwell George Orwell had incredible insight into the mindset of the political class. Not only is Orwell’s work a penetrating examination of past political oppression, his work transcends time, giving us a window through which we can see the potential for corruption in our own country today. Orwell understood human nature in a way that most do not. He understood that the desire to Read more […]

Navy Yanking Bibles from Lodge Rooms until Social Media Protest

Under the leadership of our supposedly Christian Commander in Chief, the US Navy has ended its association with the Gideons and have ordered that the Bibles be pulled from the Navy’ Lodges. Rear Admiral Robert Bianchi, CEO of NEXCOM created a new policy in June that is being used to pull Gideon Bibles out of every Navy Lodge room. The policy – Navy Lodge Program: 14-004 – signed June 19, 2014 reads: “The Navy Lodge Program does not require or solicit religious items (e.g. Bibles) for Read more […]

Is Facebook Making You Stupid?

A new study analyzing groupthink has raised the interesting possibility that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are destroying people’s capacity to think analytically. This is distinct from similar studies that claim that Google, and the internet at large, have destroyed people’s ability to recall information. In case you were wondering, the study worked like this: Dr. Iyad Rahwan asked a group of twenty people a trick question over and over again. The first few times he asked the Read more […]