Air Force Dumps So Help Me God

The United States Air Force decided to dump So Help Me God from their enlistment and re-enlistment oaths after a lawsuit threat arose from the American Humanist Association. I wrote about this controversy a while back. It was clear at the time that the military included So Help Me God based more on tradition and bureaucratic rigidity than from some “narrow-minded” religious obstinancy. This new ruling seems to confirm this. The Air Force, Navy, and Marines have now removed the necessity for Read more […]

Atheist Airman to Lose Job For Not Saying So Help Me God

An atheist airman from the Creech Air Force Base in Nevada will lose his job if he refuses to re-enlist with an oath that concludes, So help me God. The airman says the oath violates his religious beliefs, and that he shouldn’t have to be forced to say it. Of course, leftists are having a field day with this. The Air Force is forcing people to be Christians. The Air Force is persecuting atheists. But apparently everyone fails to realize that this is not a religious issue. At all. This is just Read more […]