Conservatives Offer Solutions While Liberals Drool

Charles Darwin said: “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” Life is something that often feels wasted, no matter how we fill it. We use our time to the fullest; packing in activity after activity, so that when we are on our death beds, we can say: “Wow, what a full life I had.” But the wasting of life isn’t in how much we do, but in how we do what we do. The same goes for money. The government is a bloated hog, gorging on taxpayer cash; and with Democrats Read more […]

Food Stamp Profits Are A State Secret

The most important strategy to protect government corruption is keeping the details hidden. There is no way to hide the fact or corruption, but as long as the nation’s lords of corruption can keep the details hidden, they will always have some level of plausible deniability. They will almost always be able to escape real consequences from accountability if they can keep specifics out of public awareness. Thus, the AllGov website reported yesterday: “Unlike those in charge of other federal Read more […]

Is USDA Deliberately Sucking Everyone Possible into the Food Stamp Trap?

The US Department of Agriculture has been running a food stamps outreach program in partnership with the government of Mexico. The question being asked by at least one member of Congress is who and how many people are receiving the nutritional assistance program aid and what are the goals of the USDA. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) tried to lead an effort to define the USDA food stamp partnership with Mexico. Unfortunately that effort died in committee, but that hasn’t kept Sessions from asking Read more […]