Planned Parenthood and the “Fungibility” of Money

Leftists are trying their very hardest to convince the public that funding Planned Parenthood is not funding abortions. They desperately want us to believe that defunding Planned Parenthood would have no impact on the harvest and sale of unborn baby body parts. The following is a representative leftist argument. Hold your nose for a bit because the logic here stinks: Imagine you are in line at the grocery store. The customer in front of you buys a can of beans with a SNAP card. You buy a bottle Read more […]

Recovery: 1 in 4 Americans on Federal Food Assistance

Somehow, when 25% of the American population is relying on some kind of federal food assistance, that’s a good thing. All that says to me is that we have a long way to go to experience a true economic recovery. But liberals keep telling us that we are in recovery now, and that this is the greatest recovery since FDR “rescued” the U.S. from the Great Depression. If that’s the case, then why do so many people depend on federal food assistance programs? CNS News reported: In a press release Read more […]

Fail: St. Louis Bomb Plot Thwarted Because of Maxed-Out EBT Card

A couple of guys with ties to the Black Panther Party engaged in a bomb plot. They apparently bought what they believed was a pipe bomb from someone who turned out to be an undercover cop. Who knows what they would have done without this undercover cop. Maybe nothing would have happened. But nevertheless, unbeknownst to them, they were a part of a sting operation. They had plans to kill the St. Louis County prosecutor as well as the Ferguson Police Chief. They were also planning to bring down Read more […]

People on Food Stamps Outnumber Women Working Full-Time Jobs

Thanks to the evaporation of American employment options,  the devaluation of the American dollar, and the expansion of government largesse, American citizens are even more dependent on the civil government than ever. In fact, statistics from 2011 and 2012 indicate that there are more people on food stamps than there are women working full-time jobs. This is the first instance on record where this has been the case in back-to-back years. But I find even the framing of the statistic troubling. Read more […]