The Lies We Are Fed By “Science” TV

How twisted does our history become when there is no one to prove what happened? When a certain class, a certain group is designated as the history writers, how much are you willing to trust what you are told is true? We take it all for granted most of the time. We read some historical fact—or some fact that we are told is historical. I guess not even a fact, a piece of information—and it is stored away immediately in the recesses of our information banks, without concern for its legitimacy, Read more […]

We Can Do Communism Better!

In an absurd article posted on Salon, author Jesse Myerson tries to explain why we’ve all misjudged communism. Myerson moves through several points, but there’s one that stuck in my craw in particular. According to Myerson, modern Americans believe the following: “21st Century American communism would resemble 20th century Soviet and Chinese horrors.” In response, Myerson writes: “Given the technological, material, and social advances of the last century, we could expect an approach to communism Read more […]

Can You Support the Troops on Veterans Day Without Condoning Imperialism?

Yesterday was Veterans Day, and I have mixed feelings about how it was (or was not) observed. On one hand, you have a large group of Americans who automatically “support the troops” on Veterans Day (often without any real substance to their appreciation) because not to do so is considered unpatriotic, and, to these people, supporting the troops and supporting foreign wars and the current administration go hand in hand. You’ve probably seen the bumper stickers— “Support the Troops and Our Read more […]