Mississippi Lone Abortion Clinic Could Still be Shutdown

Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic is in the state capital of Jackson. The Mississippi legislature passed a law that required the doctors performing abortions at the clinic to have hospital admitting privileges for the safety of the women murdering their babies. Last week, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the abortion clinic standards law. Had the law stood, it would have meant that the clinic would have to close its doors since none of the abortionists had hospital admitting privileges. Herein Read more […]

Democratic State Department Turning To Alcohol As Negotiation Tool

At one time, the State Department was known for using diplomacy as its main tool in negotiations with friendly and not so friendly nations. Whether the Secretary of State was good at negotiations or not, they still relied on their knowledge and skills to accomplish trade and arms agreements, treaties and end wars. Since Barack Obama became president, America has lost much of its credibility, making it much harder to negotiate with foreign leaders, dignitaries and ambassadors.  Hillary Clinton Read more […]