Obamacare Forces Another Georgia Hospital To Close

Obamacare is so great and so effective that people aren’t getting sick anymore like they used to prior to Obamacare. The effect has been that hospitals are closing down, because they’re not needed. I’m only joking. About people not getting sick anymore. But hospitals are closing down. And it’s because of a number of things that are all rooted in government intervention into the healthcare sector of the marketplace. The Daily Caller reported on a recent hospital closure in Georgia: The Read more […]

Obamacare Preview: Teachers Funding School Supplies Out Of Their Own Pockets

I know from personal experience, that in addition to the public school teachers who spend hundreds of their own dollars on classroom supplies, parents are also being asked to pay for such items. As USA Today reports: “Hannah Martin is in her second year as a pre-kindergarten teacher at Salem Elementary School in Apex, N.C. The 23-year-old makes about $34,000 a year and in her spare time takes as many babysitting jobs as she can get. Martin, who rents a room in a house she shares with four other Read more […]

Sandy Illustrates Obamanomics: “Free” Means Government First and Government Only

We all know that anti-gouging laws cause shortages. Other problems are also caused when the government complicates problems by trying to “help.” New York State is not the kind of place that would permit oil companies to sell gasoline in a hurricane-ravaged emergency zone. Instead, they insist on bringing it in and giving it away. “Fuel is on the way” promised Governor Andrew Cuomo to hurting New York residents. “The good news is it’s going to be free.” Except that free gas that no one can Read more […]