Texas Sheriff Tells Residents to Arm Themselves Amid County Budget Cuts

It’s not something we hear a lot from law enforcement personnel. Usually, they’re very careful not to champion gun owners. When a resident held a man at gunpoint for beating a woman in her car, the police made sure to let everyone know not to do what that gun owner did. And we all know how most cops act around those who carry concealed or open. But there are a few cops and sheriffs who understand that their deputies can’t be everywhere at once and can’t possibly be expected to protect Read more […]

Barber Shop Customer Shoots and Kills Armed Robber

An armed robber chose the wrong barber shop! This happened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where gun rights Sheriff David Clarke encourages citizens there to carry concealed for cases just like this. The Daily Caller reported: A would-be armed robber who stuck up a Milwaukee barber shop on Friday received more than a haircut when an armed patron pulled out his own gun and fatally shot the criminal. “He asked some questions about how much a haircut costs, then went into the bathroom to put his mask Read more […]

Sheriff Says He’ll Pray at Rally on July 4th Regardless of ACLU Objections

Once again we have the anti-Christian ACLU up in arms because a 4th of July rally will be held on the property of Bossier Parish in Louisiana. The rally is called the In God We Trust rally and is scheduled to feature patriotic music, free food, children’s activities and prayer, hence the crux of the bee in the ACLU’s bonnet. Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington is hosting the second annual rally on parish property, but says that no public money is being used for the event. Even though Read more […]