Obama to Set Drug Offenders Free

How many times have you heard of someone being the victim of a mugging or home break-in committed by a drug addict?  Let’s face it; addicts commit a huge number of crimes against innocent people as they seek to find ways to pay for their habits.  Sadly, some of these crimes lead to the physical injury and even death of the addict’s victim(s). However, President Obama and his Department of Injustice (DOiJ) headed by the top crook, err, I mean cop, believe that supposed non-violent drug offenders Read more […]

Breaking: Big Weekend for Arpaio’s Obama Fraud Investigation

This weekend has some potential to be a milestone in Sheriff Joe Arpiao’s dogged investigation of the Obama Fraud case. “Mike Zullo, lead investigator, for the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse Obama Fraud case has revealed to PPSIMMONS News that he will be a featured speaker at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention St. Charles, Missouri – this coming weekend, May 31-June 1. Hundreds of Constitutional law enforcement officers from around the country will be in attendance Read more […]

Sheriff Joe Sending Armed Posse Members to Protect School Children

Last week I reported that Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne had proposed a measure to train and arm one faculty member in each school to help prevent another Sandy Hook from taking place in the Grand Canyon State.  In that report, it said that several sheriffs were in support of Horne’s proposal, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio does not appear to be one of those in support. Sheriff Joe has been in the national news for a year now because he is the only law enforcement leader in the entire nation with Read more […]