Congressman says Says Sharia Law is Not Compatible With America’s ‘Bedrock’ Principles

Islam’s Sharia law opposes the United States’ founding principles, so the U.S. should re-evaluate who enters the country and how, Rep. David Brat said Wednesday during a Capitol Hill news conference. “Sharia is not compatible with religious toleration,” said the first-term Virginia Republican who defeated former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary election last year in a campaign where immigration issues largely shaped the outcome. “And so the tendency — it’s more Read more […]

Germany is Killing Itself with “Satisfying” Baby-Free Sex

Germany has a serious population problem. This year marks its lowest production of babies ever, and previous years were already particularly infertile. Pundits warn that Germany will soon start to reap the bitter consequences of its demographic suicide. But at least Germans are having “satisfying” sexual experiences: Germany is the 11th most sexually satisfied country in the world, beating the U.S. and China but lagging world leader Switzerland, according to a recent survey by prophylactic-maker Read more […]

Why Liberals Refuse To Believe In Radical Islam

The pleasure of feeling morally superior conservatives is more important than acknowledging radical Islam. “I think the greatest illusion we have is that denial protects us. It’s actually the biggest distortion and lie. In fact, staying asleep is what’s killing us.” – Eve Ensler After a recent argument with a close friend regarding radical Islam, and it’s pervasiveness, I have come to several conclusions: first, that one cannot draw blood from a stone, and second, that the reasoning behind the Read more […]

Muslim Holy Man Sexually Assaults Girl so Her Parents Started Carving off His Body Parts

Generally we hear that under Islamic sharia law, women and girls have virtually no rights. They are treated like property that can be abused and disposed of at will if they suspect wrong doing without proof. By wrong doing, I mean talking to man without permission, a daughter liking the wrong boy and even being the victim of a sexual assault. I’ve read of accounts where a Muslim woman was sexually assaulted and then she was beaten and even killed by her husband/father/brother for being defiled Read more […]

Why would the UN Give Iran a Seat on Women’s Rights Commission?

There is probably no other nation in the Muslim world that holds to sharia law and mistreatment of women more than Iran.  Their laws still call for the lashing of women who have been judged immoral along with public stoning.  A Muslim man can legally beat and even kill his wife or daughter on just the suspicion of impropriety. In Iran, women are not allowed to socialize with men, worship with men or walk next a man in public.  It’s difficult for many Iranian girls and women to get a formal Read more […]

Maryland Blessed With $100 Million Turkish Mega-Mosque

On May 15, 2013, the Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan, an anti-Semite, attended a ceremony a stone’s throw from our nation’s capital celebrating what he claims “will likely become the largest and most striking example of Islamic architecture in the Western Hemisphere.” Next year, when completed, the Turkish American Culture and Civilization Center, in Lanham, Maryland “US of A,” a project of the Islamist Turkish government, will be the grandest Islamic site in the Western Hemisphere. Allah Read more […]

Are American Muslims Terrorizing the Constitution?

The new terrorist in the United States isn’t wearing suicide vests and sporting AK-47s; they are wearing suits and ties and have law degrees. They are members of the state’s bars, state and federal legislatures, Islamic charities/lobbies, and members of the Judiciary. They run tax free IRS sanctioned non-for-profits as fronts to further the cause of Sharia acceptance in American Society and American Courts. Before the “not all Muslims are bad people” crowd skip the rest of this column Read more […]

Soldiers Ordered Not To Offend Radical Islamists

Well, strap in for this news: a new military handbook has been issued that orders soldiers to avoid engaging in topics that would offend radical Islamists. So, if you thought that the United States couldn’t get any more politically correct, you were dead wrong. According to Pamela Gellar of “The draft leaked to the newspaper offers a list of “taboo conversation topics” that soldiers should avoid, including “making derogatory comments about the Taliban,” “advocating women’s Read more […]

Islamic Child Abuse gets you Probation in Arizona

Apparently torturing your offspring is no longer a violent offense in Phoenix, Arizona. Last week an Arizona Superior Court Judge awarded (and I mean awarded) probation to a Muslim family who admitted to kidnapping, beating and trying to kill their nineteen-year-old daughter. Islamists rejoice! “Honor violence” is now officially sanctioned as part of the American culture. According to Maricopa County Prosecutors, in February 2012, Aiya Altameemi, a nineteen-year-old Muslim female was beaten, Read more […]

Is Shariah Compliant Banking in America Funding Terrorism?

This follow up article digs a little deeper into Shariah Compliant Finance (SCF), Islam’s waging of financial jihad on the United States and the consequences of our government’s failure to act. The subversive goal of Shariah compliant banking or finance (SCF) is to promote the legitimate acceptance and dominance of Shariah law in the United States of America. This is not a new development. Our nation gave birth to this abomination of banking strategy long before President Obama took office. Some Read more […]

Sharia Compliant Banking in America

Since the 1970’s explosion of Middle Eastern Oil production, Muslim investment has been quietly infiltrating U.S.  banking and home mortgage industries. While we weren’t paying attention Shariah compliant banking has gained an intimidating foothold in our financial markets. The popularity of Sharia complaint home mortgages is growing in the United States and now they are seeking to do business with non-believers. Let’s examine the basic premise for Sharia compliant home mortgages. Islam Read more […]