Woman Who Filmed Own Abortion Starts Website to “Remove Shame and Stigma” of Abortion

She thinks that if more women record their abortion procedures and post those videos to her website, it will help to “remove the shame and stigma” of abortion. Maybe that’s what Bryce Williams was thinking when he committed his double murder in front of a live camera. Perhaps he was trying to get other murderers to do the same thing in an effort to remove the “shame and stigma” of murder. That’s typically how the left deals with anything. Look at same-sex marriage and homosexuality. Read more […]

False Rape Accusation After Totally Consensual Public Sex Act

I don’t want to discount the severity of rape or its psychological repercussions on a person, but if something smells fishy, I’m going to point it out. There’s a story out of Ohio that lit up Twitter when a photo was posted to it that showed a young woman and a young man engaging in a sex act on a public sidewalk. The woman, a 21-year-old college student at Ohio University, is seen sitting on a ledge in front of a storefront window, her hands resting casually on the ledge on either side, while Read more […]