Mother of 4 Left Naked in Jail Cell for 7 Hours and Pepper-Sprayed for “Disorderly Conduct”

Considering the sheriff’s comments on the story, what happened to this woman was standard operating procedure. An Indiana woman named Tabitha Gentry was arrested back in March following a heated argument she had with her estranged husband. She was arrested for disorderly conduct, and of course a “resisting arrest” charge was tacked on for good measure. But what followed is what led to Gentry’s lawsuit against the Floyd County Jail. A local news station WDRB interviewed Gentry’s attorney Read more […]

Muslim Holy Man Sexually Assaults Girl so Her Parents Started Carving off His Body Parts

Generally we hear that under Islamic sharia law, women and girls have virtually no rights. They are treated like property that can be abused and disposed of at will if they suspect wrong doing without proof. By wrong doing, I mean talking to man without permission, a daughter liking the wrong boy and even being the victim of a sexual assault. I’ve read of accounts where a Muslim woman was sexually assaulted and then she was beaten and even killed by her husband/father/brother for being defiled Read more […]

Donate To The Young White Woman Attacked By A Black Man She Helped

Katie Schlinger, 26 years old, of Tallahassee, FL, was visiting Aiken, SC, to support her brother, who was in the hospital for open heart surgery. She stayed at a nearby hotel. Restless at 4 a.m., she went to have a cigarette in the warmth of her car in the parking lot. There she was approached by a black man, 23-year-old Michael Antwon Fuller. He asked her for a cigarette. They conversed about their respective relatives in the hospital. Eventually Fuller asked the young woman if she Read more […]

Army Officer To Use Identical Twin In Defense Of Sexual Assault Charges

I’ll admit right up front that I am a forensic crime buff.  Yes, I like shows like NCIS and yes I know that they are not realistic, but I also like the crime shows that follow real police and forensic scientists.  If I was entering college these days, I would definitely pursue a career in forensics and that’s why the case of 1st Lt Aaron Lucas caught my attention. Lucas is an Army artillery officer stationed at Fort Carson, just south of Colorado Springs.  At the moment, he is being held Read more […]