GOP War Pushers Set Up Obama To End Sequestration

Sequestration did not cut the US budget at all. It merely cut back on planned increases in the budget in the future. If Congress and the President had simply agreed on a spending freeze, that would have been a much more significant step to begin to restore faith in US financial governance and the economy. But even though the sequester “cuts” are so insignificant, they are still painful to people who believe in, sell, and depend upon “omnipotent government.” In the Republican Party there Read more […]

Huffpo Complains About Sequester-Cut Flu Shots While 1 In 5 Americans Struggles To Eat

Every single fall I see the sign for flu shots—priced at less than a tank of gas. Every single autumn I sneer at the sign and choose to remain uninjected. If I respond to the sign at all, I do so by increasing my intake of vitamin C and vitamin D—a cheaper and more effective method of prevention. Since I rarely get the flu at all, I don’t see any reason to get the shot. If you like to get your flu shot, that is fine. This is a free country. But this non-story about anther cut due to the Read more […]

The Federal “Education” Scam Is Reaching A Self-Righteous Crescendo

Economic blogger, Mish, writes about, “the constant chatter from the Obama administration and from teachers’ unions on the need to spend more for public education.” Any look at the news will show plenty of examples of this constant chatter. For example, consider this recent AP story: “In all, the Education Department lost $2.6 billion as part of failed budget negotiations that forced deep spending cuts to reduce the nation’s debt. Every corner of the federal government has been slashing services Read more […]

More Idiotic Hypocrisy of Sequestration That Should Get Obama Impeached

Over the past month, we have seen example after example of the federal government’s wasteful spending in one area and ethically wrong cuts in other areas due to Obama’s sequestration.  From the cancellation of White House tours to the docking of nearly half a dozen air craft carriers, it’s been obvious that the sequester spending cuts are purposely designed to hurt the nation and the American people, but not the people making the cuts. Border Patrol and Customs agents face up to 20+ days Read more […]

AP Pretends Sequestration Is Hurting Consumer Confidence

We have been warned over and over again that sequestration would be really bad for the economy.  The Associated Press began a recent article declaring that, in fact, sequestration had severely hurt consumer confidence: “Americans are less confident in the economy than they were last month as massive government spending cuts have stoked economic uncertainty.” So I was expecting a story that would show how consumers were saying that these “massive” reductions in planned increased spending Read more […]

Obama, After Condemning Sequester, Is Fine With Cyprus Plunder

How does the government react when its budget is cut compared to how government reacts when it considers cutting into the private budgets of citizens and residents? Thinking about the anti-sequestration fear campaign in comparison to the White House’s vocal opposition to the looting of bank deposits in Cyprus gives us a window into how government thinks. First of all, remember that the international politicians involved in threatening to inflict thirty billion Euros of harm on the Cypriot economy Read more […]

Janet Napolitano’s Sequestration Lies

Michael Crichton said: “Social control is best managed through fear.” The Obama administration is a consummate pro at the dissemination of fear. Every time the Democrats need something done their way, they invoke our greatest fears so that we may bow to the pressure and acquiesce to their desires. It happens every election cycle. A new tax hike proposal is unpopular, so the Democrats invoke “the children,” and “the cops and firefighters,” so we can all feel bad, and vote in favor of the hike. Fear Read more […]

Bernanke’s Delusion About Spending And Respectable Economists

  Congressman Sean Duffy did an amazing job pinpointing the issue with Ben Bernanke. I suspect that the reference to $700 billion to teach shrimp to use a treadmill was a misprint, but that is a minor problem. Duffy tried to get Benanke to admit that two percent of the budget could be cut without causing catastrophe, and that the government needs to do at least that much to avoid the coming collapse of the American economy. Among other things, I gleaned from Ben Bernanke’s words Read more […]

Sequestration to Destroy All Life on Earth, Dampen Consumer Confidence

Fox News reports that Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters said 170 million jobs will be lost due to the sequestration. That means she believes that more than one out of every two persons living in America, regardless of age, are currently employed. Hmm. Say hello for me to the unicorns who romp through caramel forests where you live, Madame Congresswoman. But now the US Geologic Survey has come out and declared that the planet Earth will split in half if the sequestration lasts more than a Read more […]

Sequestration Proves How Government Overreach Threatens Society

Listening to talk shows on NPR, I learn that a segment of the population is convinced that unless the government provides basic services, all society will break down into despair and poverty. A couple of particulars that are often mentioned: air traffic controllers and food inspectors. Supposedly, when this horrible sequestration hits, suddenly there will be fewer of these people and we will have to all put up with shortages of food and longer lines and more delays at airports. First of all, just Read more […]

Sequestration: Obama Blackmailing GOP to do it His Way

Sequestration was President Barack Obama’s idea to begin with. Starting back in 2011, Obama basically wanted a blank check and an unlimited debt ceiling so he could plunge the US so deep into debt that it would be impossible to recover from.  The Republicans refused to allow it.  The Republicans insisted on any type of deal involving spending cuts while the Democrats pushed for increased taxes and more spending. In an attempt to blackmail the Republicans into submission, Obama and the Democrats Read more […]