National Forest Service to Fine Unlicensed Photography

The National Forest Service announced recently that it is considering regulations to restrict the photography of “government-owned” natural beauty to those photographers who have paid a $1500 registration fee. Unregistered photographers could be fined by the National Forest Service: If the plans are finalized in November, any media with a camera, even a simple cell phone camera, will have to purchase a permit from the Forest Service if they plan on taking photographs in places like Mount Hood Read more […]

GOP War Pushers Set Up Obama To End Sequestration

Sequestration did not cut the US budget at all. It merely cut back on planned increases in the budget in the future. If Congress and the President had simply agreed on a spending freeze, that would have been a much more significant step to begin to restore faith in US financial governance and the economy. But even though the sequester “cuts” are so insignificant, they are still painful to people who believe in, sell, and depend upon “omnipotent government.” In the Republican Party there Read more […]

Obama Furloughs FDA Inspectors; Keeps $100K First Family Dog Walker

Last Thursday, I received another startling communication from Jim Messina, Chairman of the President’s not-for profit social welfare group “Organizing for Action” (OFA). Apparently the looming sequester cuts had Mr. Messina and President Obama in a frenzied panic and they requested my signature on a petition ( opposing the implementation of the cuts as well as a $25 dollar donation to Obama’s OFA, the “grassroots movement that will get the Read more […]

TSA and the Dreaded Sequester

President Barack Obama and Rep Nancy Pelosi have been running around like Chicken Little for the past couple of weeks screaming that ‘the sky is falling, the sky is falling.’  The dreaded sequester was going to plunge us back into the Dark Ages and according to Rep Maxine Waters, 170 million of America’s out of the total 120 million working, will lose their jobs if sequestration is allowed to happened.  (She did revise her figures to 750,000 once the error was pointed out to her.) Yet, Read more […]

The Obama And Harry Reid Tax Scam

Picture, if you will, the scenario I am about to lay out. Let’s say that there is a single man, who lives on his own; he has a decent job, that keeps him afloat. On the outside, everything seems alright, but something is scratching its way out from the inside. This man is a drug addict. Every day, after his clocks out of his minimum-wage job, he runs straight to his drug dealer, spending almost all of his earnings. One day, he runs out of money; but he absolutely needs his fix. This man calls his Read more […]