Colorado Dem: Citizens Don’t Need Guns; We Have the Police

State Representative Dickey Lee Hullinghorst swears that she supports the 2nd Amendment. You know, she’s all for hunting and skeet-shooting and all that. But she’s also in favor of “common sense” gun control legislation like universal background checks and prohibiting gun magazines with more than a 15-round capacity. How ironic that she lives in the town of Gunbarrel, Colorado. Like any good politician, she champions the 2nd Amendment while mocking the idea of concealed carry. Here’s Read more […]

Police: If You’re Being Attacked, Don’t Try to Defend Yourself

A few days ago, a couple of armed thugs tried to rob two college students in Virginia. As they probably quickly found out, they picked on the wrong guys. And yes, one of the attackers was black. The other appeared to be Latino. And I have no idea what race the victims were. I can guess that since their race is not being reported in the media, that they were probably white. It’s usually portrayed as racist when the media point out that white people are often victims of black attackers. The robbery Read more […]