The Way This Pastor Prevented a Mass Shooting Might Surprise You

It was during the New Year’s Eve service just before midnight at a Fayetteville, North Carolina church that a man walked in with an unloaded semi-automatic rifle in one hand and a loaded magazine in the other. Incidentally, the pastor of the church had just been talking to his congregation about violence, particularly violence and mass shootings against churches in the recent past. While the loaded magazine was not attached to the rifle, the pastor was concerned that there might be a round in Read more […]

Criminal Tries to Break into Texas Home; Gets Shot Three Times

If he had been somewhere like New York City, he’d probably have been fine. Gun ownership is strongly discouraged there, and people have a general fear of guns. If he had broken into someone’s house there, he probably would have been able to get whatever he wanted and leave unharmed. But Texas is a different story. People there own guns and use them in these kinds of breaking-and-entering cases: A man was shot several times when investigators say he tried to break into a Pasadena home in the Read more […]

Armed Robber Learns the Hard Way Not to Use Toy Gun in Texas

Around two o’clock in the morning, a group of four bar employees in Houston, Texas were leaving work to go home when a white car with three men inside approached them. Two of them had guns drawn and demanded the employees’ money. One woman handed over her purse, but another worker grabbed his own gun and started shooting. He shot one of the armed men several times, putting him in critical condition in the hospital. The other armed man and third suspect got away in the waiting car amidst the shooting. Read more […]

Crazy Man Learns the Hard Way not to Bring a Stick to a Gunfight

A 62-year-old man from Austin, Texas named Jordan Lowe was apparently visiting a friend in New Orleans when he decided to try to break into people’s parked cars. He opened the door to one where a woman was in the driver’s seat. As soon as he tried to get in, she put it in reverse, and Lowe fell out of the car. Lowe found another car to break into. This time, he had a large stick and started beating the car owner. The owner ran to his house while the crazy man followed him with the stick. The Read more […]

North Carolina City Encourages Residents to Turn in Their Guns During “Nonviolence” Event

The Greensboro Police Department in North Carolina thinks it would be a good idea for residents to turn in their guns in the name of “nonviolence.” The event might make sense if only criminals turned in their weapons. But why in the world would criminals turn in their firearms? They wouldn’t. In fact, they probably get a kick out of other residents turning in their guns. It makes the criminals’ job a lot easier. The Blaze reported: A North Carolina town encouraged residents to sign a nonviolence Read more […]

Professor on Campus Carry Law: “Guns are a Poor Means of Self-Defense”

Tell that to a cop or a soldier. I think they would question a person’s mental health if he or she claimed that guns are a poor means of self-defense. Of course, the opposite is true. Guns are a superior means of self-defense. They are very powerful weapons, which means people who have them should know how to use them well and when to use them. Campus carry legislation very well may pass in the state of Florida. But law professor Mary Anne Franks at the University of Miami thinks it’s a Read more […]

2 Armed Robbers Shot and Killed by 2 Armed Store Employees

There were three masked armed robbers who barged in this Reading, Pennsylvania convenience store around 9:00 at night. One of them had a handgun, and another had a stun gun. The third was unarmed. As soon as they broke in, the two employees – who happened to be brothers – pulled their own guns and shot at two of the crooks. One of them died there at the scene, and the other died later in the hospital. Unfortunately, the third took off with an undetermined amount of cash, and he’s still Read more […]

Dead Suspect’s Family: Punish Concealed Carrying Customer for Shooting

Just yesterday, I wrote about a customer with a concealed carry permit who walked in a Chicago neighborhood store in the middle of an armed robbery. When the customer saw the masked suspect ordering an employee to the back of the store at gunpoint, he pulled out his own gun and shot the man multiple times, killing him. No one else was hurt. Now, the suspect’s family is calling for the armed customer to be prosecuted for shooting and killing their family member. According to the armed robber’s Read more […]

Concealed Carrier Shoots, Kills Masked Armed Robber

An armed robber came in a Chicago neighborhood store and announced to an employee there that he was robbing the place. He ordered one of the workers to the back of the store at gunpoint, presumably to steal the cash that was in the safe. Unfortunately for the robber, there was a customer who had walked in during the robbery who also was a licensed concealed carrier. He sprang into action, pulled his firearm, and shot the armed robber, killing him. No one else was hurt. This is how things Read more […]

Dominoes Employee Pulls Gun and Shoots 2 Armed Robbers

We all know that being a cop is a dangerous job. They encounter armed suspects and sometimes find themselves in the middle of a shootout. As risky as it is being a cop, their job may not actually be as dangerous as being a food delivery driver. And what’s worse, these delivery drivers are often barred from carrying any kind of weapon. At least cops are afforded the right to self-defense. Armed robbers know that most pizza delivery drivers aren’t going to be packing heat. But every now and Read more […]

It Was a Good Thing This Texan Wasn’t Walking Around in a Gun-Free Zone

If this Texas man were walking around in a “gun-free” state like New York, he could have been killed. At least one of the two robbers who had confronted him was armed and had threatened the innocent man. If he had been killed, liberals would have politicized it as Obama said we should always do with shootings. The murder would have been politicized for the gun control cause. It would have been used to show that there are too many guns out there, that they’re too easy to obtain, and that we Read more […]

Homeowner Shoots 3 Robbers

These three robbers, like so many other criminals, had to learn the hard way that you don’t try breaking in to someone’s house, unless you want to chance getting shot. Especially in a state like Texas. Three guys broke in a man’s house, and the homeowner ended up grabbing his gun and shooting all three. They fled out the house and into the getaway vehicle before the police nabbed the three at an intersection where they had stopped. The driver fled right before police were able to get him. Read more […]