No Straights Allowed: University of Oklahoma has “Gay Segregated” Student Lounge

Liberals are always comparing discrimination of the LGBT crowd to the Jim Crow laws that forced racial segregation in public buildings in the South. Being born black is exactly the same as being born “gay.” At least that’s what the media tell us. Never mind the fact that homosexual behavior is something that is chosen. A person has no choice in what color his skin is at birth any more than that person can choose his own parents. But liberals insist that it’s the same thing. They say that Read more […]

Black Students Get Field Trip to College; No Whites Allowed

But the teachers insist they’re not being exclusionary or discriminatory. In fact, since they took the third-graders on a blacks-only field trip to college to benefit black kids, it can’t be exclusionary or discriminatory. Now, if it were a whites-only field trip, that would be exclusionary, discriminatory, bigoted and a racial hate crime. They say it benefits the blacks, because such low numbers of black kids enter college. Plenty of whites already go to college, so they’re practically Read more […]

Mrs. Obama Complains about Segregation, Unwittingly Blames Integration

It’s pretty ironic when the nation’s most powerful black people complain about oppressive racism, isn’t it? We’ve got black people living in the White House, running or helping to run a Western, majority-white nation, and they still insist on “keeping the troubles,” on making sure you and I know just how rayciss we are even when we didn’t know it ourselves. Blacks have an unparalleled ability, it would seem, to know our minds and our hearts better than even we do. Of course some of us are rayciss; Read more […]