10-Year-Old Girl Treated Like Terror Suspect at Airport Because of Juice Box

It’s something we all have to put up with if we have to fly on a plane. Once you get to the “security” checkpoint, the U.S. Constitution is no longer binding. Everyone is treated as a potential terrorist. There are no exceptions. Well, unless you might actually be a terrorist, in which case the TSA wouldn’t want to be guilty of racial profiling. They wouldn’t want to offend anyone. The Blaze reported: A forgotten Capri Sun juice pouch left inside a 10-year-old girl’s carry-on bag Read more […]

TSA Confiscate Belt Buckle…for National Security, of Course

The TSA confiscated a traveler’s belt buckle, because it was shaped like a gun. Their argument was that if this traveler pointed the belt buckle at a cop, the cop might mistake it for a real gun and have to “take action” against him. Believe me, it wouldn’t take much to get a cop to shoot you. You could point your finger at a cop, and he’d shoot you, claiming he thought you had a gun. Traveler Sean Malone was late to a flight out of Los Angeles and didn’t have time to argue with the Read more […]

Study Shows TSA Nude Scanners Were Pretty Much Worthless…but we Knew That Already

They should have done these studies a long time ago, before the TSA decided that the porno scans would prevent large-scale terrorist attacks. Perhaps there were studies done, but they certainly weren’t publicized when they needed to be. If people knew how useless they were, public pressure wouldn’t allow the TSA to spend over a billion dollars on the worthless machines. Now that they don’t use these scanners in U.S. airports anymore, studies on their weaknesses can be publicized. A team Read more […]

TSA Boasts: Over 600 Million False Positives in 2013

I know we’re supposed to be impressed with these large numbers. But I have to admit they don’t affect me at all, except to induce a sigh and an eye-roll. From the TSA’s blog: Every day, Transportation Security Officers interact with nearly two million travelers across the United States with a single goal in mind – ensuring the safety of the traveling public. TSA had a busy year in 2013, screening 638,705,790 passengers in 2013 (over 1,700,000 per day), which is 1,123,668 more passengers Read more […]

TSA Agents Caught Trafficking 11 Pounds Of Cocaine

If you choose to travel by air this Thanksgiving and Christmas, one of the perks is that you get to deal with the TSA. Admittedly, the last couple times I flew, I was not harassed by them. I didn’t have to go through the naked scanner, and I didn’t have to be patted down. I think their scanner was down, so everyone was going through the metal detector. To this date, I have not had to be subjected to an invasive pat down. I’m still waiting. Of course, I really don’t fly all that much. But Read more […]

TSA Spends $900 Million On “Behavior Detection”; Catches 0 Terrorists

They’d probably say something like, “We’d spend $900 trillion if it meant catching just one terrorist.” They used the same rhetoric when trying to get everyone on board with more federal gun control. “If it saves just one life…” Like any good government program, a bunch of money is spent (and will continue to be spent) for a stated purpose, and the program ends up being a complete failure. A waste of money. Well, I suppose it depends on how you look at it. Perhaps their real goals Read more […]