Secret Service “Overwrites” Surveillance Tapes that Showed Drunk Agents Driving Through White House Barricade

The Secret Service is claiming that this is standard operating procedure:  destroy or otherwise render useless within 72 hours of an incident any evidence that makes them look bad. This is hardly the worst thing the Secret Service has been involved with, but it’s just one more thing on top of everything else they’ve done. They’ll take advantage of every opportunity to try to repair their tarnished image. In this recent case, the Secret Service was conducting a bomb investigation into Read more […]

Two Drunk Senior Secret Service Agents Run Over Suspected Bomb, Barge Through White House Barricade

And the worst part about this incident where two drunk senior Secret Service agents barged through a White House barricade during a bomb investigation is that they were allowed to just go home afterwards. No charges were filed, and they barely even got a slap on the wrist for drunk driving and causing whatever damage happened as a result. It all started when some crazy woman pulled up near one of the White House entrances and dropped a green shirt-covered object and yelled to a Secret Service Read more […]

Colorado to Feds: Please Dominate Us

GOP-leaning political pundit, Mary Matalin, once remarked that my hometown seems to be on The Quest for the Unpronounceable Name. I live in Tucumcari, New Mexico. It started off in the wild West days as Ragtown, and then decided on Six Shooter Siding. Now it’s Tucumcari. Well, in a similar but much more sinister way, my neighbor state to the North, Colorado, seems to be in the midst of a Self-Imposed Quest for a Police State. Not to be outdone by Connecticut, Colorado has imposed some of the Read more […]