Obama Will Keep Final Obamacare Premium Hikes Secret Until After Election

Obamacare premium hikes are missing from the new website! The new Obamacare website is up and running, and apparently they finally got it right this time. But they don’t want anyone to know the insurance premium information until after the November 4th elections. Hm, I wonder why that would be. The Daily Caller reported:  The Obama administration has already debuted its new, improved version of HealthCare.gov, but still won’t release premium rates on the website until after the Nov. 4 Read more […]

The Secret Sandy Hook Secrecy Bill

Been wondering what has happened with the Sandy Hook case? Want many of the weird questions settled? The legislature of Connecticut has been bypassing normal open procedures to craft a bill behind closed doors that would, if passed, keep basic evidence of the crime forever behind closed doors From the Hartford Courant, “Bill Drafted In Secret Would Block Release Of Some Newtown Massacre Records”: “The staffs of the state’s top prosecutor and the governor’s office have been working in secret Read more […]

City Of Brotherly Love Or Zombietown? Philadelphia’s Financial Collapse

I realize everyone is thinking about terrorism right now. But a financial collapse is arguably also a national security threat. Such a crisis could even result in injury and death—as anyone who has watched the riots in Greece realizes. So readers need to be aware that Bloomberg reports the governor of Philadelphia met with a small select group of potential investors yesterday, at a meeting from which the media and the public were banned. While the conference started yesterday, it is to continue Read more […]