FBI Raids Peaceful Republic of Texas Political Meeting

The Republic of Texas is a secessionist group in, you guessed it, Texas that is committed to seeing the state secede from the Union. Because its members believe that the federal government no longer serves the interests of the people. As if to confirm that this was in fact the case, the FBI raided a peaceful political meeting of the Republic of Texas, fingerprinted everyone, confiscated cell phones and recording devices, and generally made a show of (unnecessary) force: Members of the Republic of Read more […]

How Scotland Should Reply To UK Threats: “You Promise?”

I’ve written before about independence movements in Europe. Not only are we going to see the European Union crack up and fall apart in the near future (thought timing this kind of thing is virtually impossible) but we find that regions within European nations are themselves ready to secede from the “mother country.” Probably the most well known of these is Catalonia, which is the economic power house for Spain, but has its own language and is tired of being drained by the rest. In Italy, we Read more […]

Liberals Want Texas to Secede, Conservatives Want Texas to Secede–Let It!

President Obama had his first press briefing today since being re-elected. Most of the questions involved the resignation of disgraced CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and the possibility of Ambassador Susan Rice taking Secretary Clinton’s position when she resigns in January. They were generally good questions with Obama giving generally bland, repetitive answers and rehashing old buzzwords like “hostage” (the rich want to hold the middle class hostage!), but one thing I would have liked to hear Read more […]